MONDAY, December 1st, 2008, 2008, AT 2:00 PM, PT

Results From Griffin's Martial Arts Gym's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
November 22nd, 2008 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

  • WHO: Griffin's Martial Arts Gym
  • WHERE: Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or by e-mail at

On November 22, 2008, the Griffin Martial Arts Gym hosted the 2008 Martial Arts Gym Fall Tournament in Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA which was a huge success. Students from ages 4-adult competed in self-defense, forms and IKF Point Kickboxing (PKB) divisions. The following are the results of the tournament:

  • 4-6 Year Olds Beginners
    1. State Champion Ethan Smith (Indian Trail, NC)
    2. Brock Adams (Monroe, NC)
    3. Dylan Hudson (Stallings, NC)
    4. Jared Schooler (Indian Trail, NC).

  • 6-7 Year Olds Intermediate
    1. State Champion Cam Allman (Monroe, NC)
    2. Chris Stegall (Pageland, SC)
    3. Eric Smith (Indian Trail, NC)
    4. Kathleen Buswell (Monroe, NC).

  • 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate
    1. State Champion Luis Oropesa (Monroe, NC)
    2. Jimmy Whalen (Matthews, NC)
    3. Joshua Vandergrift (Monroe, NC).

  • 10-11 Year Olds
    1. Intermediate State Champion Alyssa Johnson (Monroe, NC)
    2. Kelley Bui (Monroe, NC)
    3. McKenzie Meyer (Monroe, NC).

  • 12-13 Year Olds
    1. Intermediate State Champion Dallas Meyer (Monroe, NC)
    2. Jeff Gordon (Indian Trail, NC)
    3. Kevin Bui (Monroe, NC)
    4. Bryan Miller (Huntersville, NC).

  • Point Muay Thai (PMT) Division 14 Year Old
    1. State Champion Jeffrey Currence, Jr. ( Concord, NC)
    2. Michael DeMasi ( Waxhaw, NC)
    3. Luke Barber (Monroe, NC).

  • 15 Year Old, Girls
    1. State Champion Cassandra Lambert (Indian Trail, NC)
    2. Aubrey Meyer (Monroe, NC).

  • 15-16 Year Olds
    1. State Champion Brandon Meneses (Indian Trail, NC)
    2. Nathan Pierce ( Charlotte, NC).

  • Adult Lightweight Division (120-149 lbs.)
    1. State Champion Anthony DeMasi (Waxhaw,NC)
    2. Cody Cornwell (Fayetteville, NC)
    3. Brad D'Amico (Charlotte, NC).

  • Adult Middleweight Division (150-175 lbs.)
    1. State Champion Nathan Thomas (Charlotte,NC)
    2. Jason Dean (Charlotte, NC)
    3. Matthew Rutkowski (Matthews, NC)
    4. Mark McIntyre (New London, NC), Nikolos Nash (Albemarle, NC) , Josh Doutt (Charlotte, NC), Micah Pierce (Indian Trail, NC) .

  • Adult Light Heavyweight Division (176-199 lbs.)
    1. State Champion. Michael Alford (Charlotte, NC)
    2. Andrew Davis ( Concord, NC)
    3. Robert Cox (Pageland, SC)
    4. Wesley Hoke (Monroe, NC).

  • Adult Heavyweight Division (200-265 lbs.)
    1. State Champion Strayhorn Telly (Raeford, NC)
    2. Phillip Brame (Charlotte, NC).

  • Adult Men's Division (Over 40 Year Olds)
    1. State Champion Cody Porter (Huntersville, NC)
    2. John McKelvie (Raeford, NC)
    3. Terry Ess (Greer, SC)
    4. Dan Zupko (Tega Cay, SC).

  • Other Tournament Results:
    • Forms & Self-Defense Results: Forms 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Jimmy Whalen
      2. Joshua Vandergrift
      3. Luis Oropesa
      4. Eric Smith.

    • Self-Defense 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Luis Oropesa
      2. Jimmy Whalen
      3. Eric Smith
      4. Joshua Vandergrift.

    • Forms 12-15 Year Olds Beginners
      1. Aubrey Meyer
      2. Kevin Bui
      3. Kelley Bui
      4. McKenzie Meyer.

    • Self-Defense 12-15 Year Olds Beginners
      1. Aubrey Meyer
      2. Kelley Bui
      3. McKenzie Meyer
      4. Kevin Bui .

    • Forms 12-13 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Alyssa Johnson
      2. Dallas Meyer .

    • Self-Defense 12-13 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Alyssa Johnson
      2. Dallas Meyer .

    • Forms 14 Year Olds Advanced
      1. Michael DeMasi
      2. Luke Barber
      3. Jeff Gordon.

    • Self-Defense 14 Year Olds Advanced
      1. Michael DeMasi
      2. Luke Barber
      3. Jeff Gordon.

  • Tournament Grand Champions: Nathan Thomas & Michael Alford Adult
  • Women State Champion: Rhonda Smith (Indian Trail, NC)
  • For More Information on the IKF Point Point Kickboxing Circuit, contact Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or go to the Events page by clicking HERE.

TUESDAY, November 18th, 2008, 2008, AT 11:40 PM, PT

Results From AK Promotions'
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Newcastle, California, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday, November 8th, 2008
  • WHO: AK Promotions
  • WHERE: IKF - Ringside Gym, 9250 Cypress Street, Newcastle, CA, 95658, Newcastle, California, USA
  • WHAT: IKF Point Kickboxing ( )
  • IKF Representative: Rubie Navaro
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at

Newcastle IKF Point Kickboxing
Offered Great Fireworks This Past Weekend!

Northern California fighters fought hard to gather points in this year's final Point Kickboxing event!


LISTINGS: Name, Division Points, Participation Points, PLACED, HOMETOWN/SCHOOL

  • Children's Exibition Match (Each take 1st place in their Divisions)
    • Jonathan Bland, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, North Bay Kung Fu.
    • Katrina Nahe, 10 pts. won match, 5pts Part. 1st Place, Guila's Kickboxing.

  • PIR Boys Beginners - AGES 13-14
    1. Keli'i Leopoldo, 10pts, 5pts Part. 1st Place, Antioch, CA
    2. Nick Rosales, 7pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Antioch, CA
    3. Zach Bennett, 5 pts. 5pts Part. 3rd Place, Reno, Nevada.

  • PIR Women (Each take 1st place in her Division)
    • Alyssa Anderson, 10 pts. won match 5pts Part. 1st Place, Anderson's Kickboxing
    • Tyler Fonua, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Guila's Kickboxing.

  • PIR Men Super Heavyweight
    1. Scott Manis, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Santa Rosa, CA
    2. Lenny Fonua, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Guila's Kickboxing
    3. Alofa Laupua, 5 pts. 5pts Part. 3rd Place, Billy Ocean Kickboxing.

  • PIR Men 18 & Over Beginners
    1. Alex Duarte, 10pts. won match 5pts Part. 1st Place, Nor Cal Fighting Alliance
    2. Isean Hannon, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Guila's Kickboxing.

  • MT Women Beginners
    1. Rebecca Sperling, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Anderson's Kickboxing
    2. Luci Bel, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

  • MT Men Beginners
    1. Trevor Mason, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Guila's Kickboxing
    2. Chris Pike, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

  • MT Men Middleweight Beginners
    1. JohnDuenas, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Guila's Kickboxing
    2. Christopher Smith, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Guila's Kickboxing.

  • MT Men Heavyweight
    1. Tyler Guillory, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Nor Cal Fighting Alliance
    2. Kevin Meier, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Nor Cal Fighting Alliance
    3. Ricardo Cosio, 5 pts. 5pts Part. 3rd Place, Schleeter's Academy.

  • GP1 Grappling
    1. Ricardo Cosio, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Schleeter's Academy
    2. Chris Pike, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

  • GP 2 Grappling
    1. Christopher Smith, 10 pts. 5pts Part. 1st Place, Avila's
    2. Jason Pereria, 7 pts. 5pts Part. 2nd Place, Schleeter's Academy.

Special Thanks to Rubie Navarro (PKB West Coast Rep) Steve Fossum (IKF President) Grand Master - DeAlba and Grand Master Schleeter of Hollister, Ca for their assistance Thanks to all the instructors, students and fans to attended and cheered on the great action! 2009 PKB event calendar to be posted soon at

WEDNESDAY, November 12th, 2008, 2008, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Location Change For PKB Banquet And More News...

Dear Instructors and Fighters.
We will be changing the location of the January 31st IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament and PKB Award Ceremony. It was originally planned to be held in Roseville, CA at Mr. Dave Marinoble's huge gym but due to some time constraints and other commitments that came up since the original agreement, Mr. Marinoble asked that he pass on this event and will set another date later in the year.

Therefore, we will now move the event to Rocklin, CA. It will be held at the all new Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club at 4415 Granite Drive Ste. 600- Rocklin, CA 95677. The facility is not as large as the previous location but will suffice for the tournament and banquet.

As usual, registration will start at 8:AM with the Tournament starting around 10:30 and set to end no later than 3:PM. As always, it will feature men, women and children in Point Muay Thai, High Kick and Low Kick Kickboxing and Grappling styles. They will also start earning their circuit points for 2009!

After the tournament, we will take a short break to set up the facility for the banquet and awards ceremony... which we will start around 4:30-5. The event should not last no more than 2 hours. But we hope that you plan to spend the day with us and cheer and applaud all of the 2008 Champions who gave their all and walked the walk in IKF Point Kickboxing!

Thanks in advance to RSVP on how many people you expect to bring to the banquet including friends and Family. This will give us some idea of how many we will need to prepare for. There will be plenty of food but only while it last. :)

For those of you who would like to know your point standing and whether you might be up for an award, you can contact IKF/PKB West Coast Rep. Mrs. Rubie Navarro at (415) 550-1694. Additionally, we would like for you to send a head shot picture with a short bio. (paragraph) telling us something interesting etc. about you and , or your fighter.

More News:

You are also invited to come to the Grand Opening of the Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club at 4415 Granite Dr. Rocklin, CA 95677. Saturday, January 3rd, 2009. The Festivities will start at Noon and will go until 4:PM. There will be music and refreshments. At press time, Mr. Dennis Guila (Right) of Antioch, CA and his band will be the entertainment performing a variety Hot Hawaiian / Caribbean style music! We hope you can stop by!

IKF PKB Annual Promoter's Meeting
We will have our annual IKF/PKB Promoters Meeting on Sat. Jan. 10th at 12:30. Lunch will be served. All promoters who currently promote or would like to plan an event are invited to attend. The meeting covers many aspects of the IKF/PKB including but not limited to Fees, Rules etc.. This is an RSVP meeting only. You must let Johnny Davis know in advance if you plan to attend. The Meeting will be held at the IKF Headquarters, 9250 Cypress Street, Newcastle, CA, 95658, Newcastle, California. We look forward to adding more promoters and representatives to our roster.

WEDNESDAY, October 22nd, 2008, 2008, AT 11:50 AM, PT

2009 IKF/PKB Event Scheduling!

Dear PKB Promoters and potential Promoters:
We are getting ready to post the 2009 IKF PKB Calendar. If you have not posted a date and are interested in doing an event next year, please get me your request for a date by the end of this week.

Please note that we are doing them on a first come bases. We will not allow PKB sanctioned events on the same day in the same area at this time or that directly conflict with another event but maintain the rights to review, accept or deny all requests. Furthermore, March, June, October and December are currently open with no events. Currently, there are 10 PKB events scheduled for 2009.

We will be having our Annual first of the year meeting on January 10th, 2009. The meeting will be held in Rocklin, CA (Location to be announced) or Newcastle, CA (At the IKF Headquarters) and will start at 11:30 AM. Lunch will be served. Please RSVP if you will be attending by November 10th, 2008 pelase.

Thanks again and look forward to speaking with you about your event!

Johnny Davis
President IKF Point Kickboxing
C: (916) 205-4762, O: (916)435-5004

MONDAY, October 13th, 2008, 2008, AT 10:00 PM, PT

Jay Perry's Presents
Grass Valley, California, USA

MONDAY, October 6th, 2008, 2008, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Results From Guila's Hawaiian Kaju-Kickboxing's
"The Paradise Cup 4tm "
October 4th, 2008 - Antioch, California, USA

Guila's IKF PKB Tournament...
Nails It Yet Again!

Dennis Guila (Right) and his crew nails another successful event in Antioch, CA. He packed his gym with enthusiastic fighter from across the state. There were many new faces at the event and those that were there for the first time said that they "Really enjoyed the event" and plan to make it a part of there regular routine.

The tournament started in good time as IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis open with the all too important rules and emphasizing the importance of a semi contact event and no knockout allowed.

Men, Women and Junior went at it with vigor! Some of the reasons that some of the new faces had not shown up at Point Kickboxing events in the past is because the thought that the term "Kickboxing" meant only above the waist. Well, lets make it clear, when we at the IKF use the term kickboxing is mean all are only one style of kickboxing. But for clarity, when we do IKF Point Kickboxing for the most part all three major rule styles are involved. Point Muay Thai which allows leg kicks and knees to the body. American Kickboxing, with is high kick only. (No Leg Kicks) and International rules with include leg kicks only and the remaining arsenal involved with kickboxing...boxing and all the kicks.

So, we hope that it is clear, IKF Point Kickboxing represents the three major rules styles of kickboxing and has a division waiting for you at each event.

WE look forward to seeing you at the next IKF Point Kickboxing event in Grass Valley, CA on October 18th. And also, November 8th in Newcastle, CA will be another exciting event that will include Grappling!

Congratulations again to Mr. Dennis Guila and his Team! ...and by the way, after the event, we all joined in to eat some delicious Oriental Cuisine while being serenaded by Dennis Guila's singing and playing the bongos in great Hawaiian fashion. Guila demonstrated some nice vocals and Impressive skills on the bongos! :)

Photo of last years event at right.

For more info click HERE.

Grand Champion Winners

Gabriel Arcaina
Brentwood, California, USA - Men's Heavyweight Point Muay Thai Champion

Isean Hannon
Antioch, California, USA - Mens Middleweight Point Muay Thai Champion

FRIDAY, October 3rd, 2008, 2008, AT 3:00 PM, PT

Guila's Hawaiian Kaju-Kickboxing Presents
"The Paradise Cup 4tm "
Antioch, California, USA

FRIDAY, September 5th, 2008, AT 2:30 PM, PT

IKF Point Kickboxing...
Your First Step Out of the Gym!

Dear Promoters, Instructors and Fans of Kickboxing,
You are invited to join one of the hottest new semi contact tournament circuit in State of California and now expanding around the world...IKF Point Kickboxing©! This exciting new form of tournament style semi- contact kickboxing has become very popular and more and more competitors are joining the circuit. For the past six years the IKF has been hosting these events across Northern, CA, North Carolina, Florida and abroad and fans have fallen in love with the excitement of this continuous fighting competition!

The IKF/PKB as it has been termed is safe, fun and offers kickboxing for the styles of Muay Thai, International (low kick) and American High Kick competitors to advance their skills without the fear of being knockout out or seriously injured. Men, Women, Juniors, Senior, Beginners, Intermediate and Advance competitors participate and win nice trophies and other awards! Knockouts are not allowed in IKF Point Kickboxing.

The PKB is sanctioned by one of the most recognized names in the sport...The International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) a sanctioning body that sanctions hundred of events annually around the world. Promoters of the PKB are posted on the website and are publicly recognized and approved to host such events.

The PKB is a great business opportunity for your gym to make additional income. Moreover, it will motivate many more of your students to excel in kickboxing and your classes will grow as a result of the competition being available in your area. It is the goal of the IKF to allow you the promoter to be successful with your events as this will also be our success. Therefore, we keep our fees low and affordable. (Sanctioning Info.)

Depending on the size of your gym, it will mostly suffice for a tournament and trust us...your students and supporters will love it! Moreover, once you sign up with us, we will walk you through every step of the way to assure you that your event will be organized and ready to rock your area! This past year, we did over 14 events and 2009 is looking to far exceed 2008! So don't hesitate...Call Today! For more on becoming a promoter of IKF/PKB events for 2009 and joining the PKB Circuit, please do not hesitate to contact us as the 2009 calendar is currently active and we are securing dates now.

Finally, we reserve the right to host events in any areas that we feel will not directly conflict with another PKB event.
Johnny Davis, President - IKF Point Kickboxing

TUESDAY, August 26th, 2008, AT 8:50 PM, PT

Results From Jay Perry's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
August 23rd, 2008 - Grass Valley, California, USA

Time and time again, IKF Point Kickboxing proves to be one of the most exciting new tournament competitions! IKF/ PKB Promoter Mr. Jay Perry hosted yet another exciting edition of the IKF/ PKB this past weekend in Grass Valley, CA and the votes are in...the PKB is a fresh new burst of energy. Those attending another competition on the same day, really had their chance to witness what's all the noise about the PKB. Afterwards, several seem to be looking forward to participating in future events.

Grass Valley was a buzz especially as the super heavy weights hit the mat in Muay Thai Action. Scott Manis ( 375 )of Santa Rosa, CA is trained by top trainer Billy Olsen and is a big man, but not to let the size fool you. We have witnessed too many times this colossal of a man throw and land impressive head kicks that dazzled and intrigued spectators! Manis would take first place after several hard fought overtime rounds against the tough Alofia Laupia of Roseville, CA. Both men were giving their all but in the end it was the consistency of Manis that overcame a very mobile Laupia.

See Remaining Results Below

For More information on Mr. Jay Perry's events contact him at (530) 273-8121 or at

If you would like to join us and promote your very own IKF PKB event, contact IKF West Coast Rep. Rubie Navarro at (415) 505-4588 or Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 email at - Currently Booking 2009 PKB Tournaments Dates!

SATURDAY, August 2nd, 2008, AT 3:00 PM, PT

Terri Storm
Accepts IKF/PKB Advisory Post!

Terri Storm

One would not have to go far to hear the name Terri Storm (Left) of Omaha, NE in the Martial Arts Community. Mrs. Storm has been an important figure in the martial arts for many years. As a Mother and Martial Arts Instructor, she has a strong presence where ever she goes. She is well respected as a highly capable judge, official and referee and shows impressive ability as a communicator.

Her talents caught the eyes of CEO and IKF President Steve Fossum some time back as he appointed her and husband Mike Storm (Right) as World Officials to the International Kickboxing Federation. In the last couple of years Mrs. Storm as stepped up to the plate to offer IKF Point Kickboxing President Johnny Davis (Right) a hand at the IKF/PKB World Classic in Orlando, Florida and has done an outstanding job keeping the fights organized and running smoothly. She and her husband have promoted hundred of Karate tournaments and the PKB Semi Contact Tournaments were a natural transition for her.

Davis has been so impressed with her guidance and leadership at the IKF World Classic that he recently asked if she would be interested in an advisory position with theIKF/PKB and she accepted.

"I'm totally elated that someone with the background of Terri would agree to work with a growing part of the IKF. Her knowledge and skill will be a tremendous addition to the already growing and talented team of advisors. I would like to thank her again for officially joining the IKF/ PKB and look forward to working with her as the PKB Division of the IKF continues to surge!" said Johnny Davis.

Terri Storm has been studying Martial Arts for 25 years. During much of her career she was a forms and point sparring competitor and was the Tae-Kwon-Do America Women's National Champion in 1993 (her husband, Mike Storm, was the Men's Champion the same year). She began judging and refereeing point sparring in the late 1980s and judging/refereeing full contact kickboxing in the 1990s under the tutelage and certification of Kuhn Fred Fitzgerald. She has been officiating IKF events since 1999 and was the first woman to referee a Professional Muay Thai fight in Mexico . She and husband Mike own and operate 2 full-time martial arts schools in Omaha , Nebraska. To contact Mrs. Storm by e-mail click For more on IKF Point Kickboxing events go to

Mike Storm


TUESDAY, June 10th, 2008, AT 5:50 PM, PT

Results From Griffin's Martial Arts Gym's
IKF Point Kickboxing & BJJ Tournament
May 31st, 2008 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

On May 31, 2008, the Martial Arts Gym held the 2008 Martial Arts Gym Spring Tournament at Sun Valley Middle School, which was a huge success. Students from ages 4-adult competed in self-defense, forms and Point Kickboxing (PKB) divisions. The following are the results of the tournament:

If you have any questions about the tournament or classes, please call (704) 488-3908 or check out

THURSDAY, May 29th, 2008, AT 1:30 PM, PT

Griffin's Martial Arts Gym Presents
IKF Point Kickboxing & BJJ Tournament
Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

FRIDAY, March 21st, 2008, AT 1:10 PM, PT

Marinobles Karate & Kickboxing Presents
IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Event
Roseville, California, USA

THURSDAY, March 6th, 2008, AT 4:55 PM, PT

Guila's Paradise Cup 3
February 23rd, 2008 - Antioch, California, USA

  • WHO: Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing
  • WHERE Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, California
  • WHAT: IKF Semi Contact - Point Kickboxing
  • IKF Representative: Johnny Davis
  • IKF Referee: TBA
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Dennis Guila (925) 755-3434 or at
  • PMT Mens Super Heavyweight Advance
    1. JoshuaRittenbury, San Diego, CA
    2. Scott Manis, Santa Rosa, CA

  • PIR Mens Super Heavyweight Beginner
    1. Aaron Smith, Santa Rosa, CA
    2. Leo Walton, Patterson, CA
    3. Adrian Torres, Antioch, CA
    4. Richard Mejia, Antioch, CA

  • PMT Mens Middleweight Beginner
    1. Eugene Escobar, Concord, CA
    2. Robert Toney, San Diego, CA

  • PMT Mens Middleweight Intermediate
    1. John Duenas, Antioch, CA
    2. Ronald Romero, Santa Rosa, CA

  • PIR Mens Lightweight Beginner
    1. Patrick Matthews, Sonoman, CA
    2. Steve Rivera, Patterson, CA

  • PMT Womens Beginner
    1. Angelica Jimenez, Sebastapol, CA
    2. Rebecca Beier, Nevada City, CA
    3. Alyssa Anderson, Auburn, CA

  • PKB Boys 15-17 Years Advanced
    1. Jesse Agricula, Glen Ellen, CA
    2. Hector Cabrales, Sonoma, CA
    3. Logan Kauth, Antioch, CA

  • PIR Boys 13-14 Years Beginners
    1. Anthony Chacon, Patterson, CA
    2. Nick Chinchilla, Antioch, CA
    3. Dakota Johnson, Patterson, CA

  • PKB Boys 11-12 Years Beginner
    1. JT Permenter, Antioch, CA
    2. Zachary Wilcox, Antioch, CA
    3. Kapono Carreira, Antioch, CA
    4. Miguel Cervntes, Antioch, CA

  • PIR Boys 11-12 Years Beginners
    1. Kurtis Belkin, Patterson, CA
    2. Israel Miranda, Patterson, CA

  • PKB Boys/Girls 8-10 Years Beginner Combined
    1. Katrina Nahe, Antioch, CA
    2. Savannah Kauth, Antioch, CA
    3. Khari Rhodes, Antioch, CA

  • PKB Boys/Girls 7 and Under Combined Beginner
    1. Kai Jaugan, Antioch, CA
    2. Janell Fiame, Antioch, CA
    3. Jonathan Bland, Petaluma, CA
    4. Cole Fitch, Antioch, CA


PKB: JT Permenter, Antioch, CA, Boys 11-12 years
PIR: Anthony Chacon, Patterson, CA, Boys 13-14 years
PMT: Aaron Smith, Santa Rosa, CA, Mens Heavyweight

    • PIR Men's Heavyweight Beginner
      • Mike Martinez, Roseville, CA vs. Josh of North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA.

MONDAY, February 25th, 2008, AT 7:10 PM, PT

IKF Point Kickboxing Results from Antioch, CA
Coming Later This Week!

Antioch, CA: Another exciting event of IKFPoint Kickboxing event happened this past weekend in Antioch, CA. Earlier this past week, we talked about the kicks missing in kickboxing...not this weekend! We witnessed all kinds of kicks being thrown along with impressive boxing as each opponent tried to get the upper hand in exciting semi- contact action! Fighters as heavy as 350lbs competed and threw head kicks that brought looks of wonder from the crowd! We also witnessed fighters who did not take the event serious enough and become gassed before the first round was over. The referee had to stop several matches due to a few fighters being too exhausted to compete effectively and the bout became unsafe.

This is part of the beauty of IKFPoint Kickboxing in that it gives fighters a chance to evolve without the embarrassment of being humiliated and knocked out.

Fighters traveled as far away as 500 miles to attend this weekend's event and I don't think they left disappointed as they got plenty of action and their skilled were tested to the max!

We hope to see more fighters come to attend the events as the exciting IKFPKB 2008 Circuit continues. In the words of top trainer Billy Olsen of Santa Rosa, CA "I kick myself for not getting involved 5 years ago when Johnny ask me to attend!" Mr. Olsen and his team attended their first event this past January 2008 in Sacramento and in his own words said "We are hooked and will be attending all of the events especially to help us get ready for the IKF World Classic in July this year!"

The IKF World Classic is the largest amateur only kickboxing event in the world and offers Full Contact and Semi Contact competition. To read more info, click HERE!

Who will be crowned champion for 2008! See you March 22, 2008 in Roseville, CA for the next edition of IKFPoint Kickboxing


SATURDAY, February 23rd, 2008, AT 12:50 PM, PT

Results From Griffin's Martial Arts
"IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament"
February 16th, 2008 - Indian Trial, North Carolina, USA

  • WHO: Griffin's Martial Arts
  • WHERE: Indian Trial, North Carolina, USA
  • WHAT: IKF Point Kickboxing
  • IKF Representative: TBA
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or by e-mail at

February 18, 2008- Indian Trail, NC: IKF/PKB North Carolina Representative and Promoter Mr. Sean Griffin (R) reports another fun and exciting IKF Point Kickboxing tournament this past weekend (February 16, 2008). Moreover, he was proud to announce the start of the North Carolina IKF/PKB Circuit. With nine events schedule for the West Coast and only three currently schedule on the East Coast, Mr. Griffin and IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis came up with the idea to expand the semi contact circuit to NC to give those from the East Coast a better chance of winning a title at the end of the year.

The Circuit Points will be kept by Mr. Griffin who will past them on to the IKF/PKB at the end of the year. The championship titles and awards will be given at the end of this year and, or at the first event of the following year. Although the East Coast events are not quiet as large as the West Coast events yet, this should add to the excitement of the tournaments as each competitors now knows that they have a bigger purpose for getting the win!

Mr. Griffin said, that "I'm excited about what the circuit offers to the NC Point Kickboxing competitors. I feel that it is the first step to really growing the IKF/PKB in this area. Several promoters have expressed interest in promoting IKF/PKB events and I look forward to adding more events to the circuit in the coming months. Mr. Davis has mentioned that if the timing is right, he will come to NC to help present the awards to the champions...that would be impressive and exciting as it would show competitors that the IKF appreciates all levels of competitors! "

All results in the Point Muay Thai Division

Tournament Grand Champions
Nathan Thomas & Cody Porter

  • Lightweight: 149 lbs & below
    1. Anthony DeMasi
    2. Evan Sweeney
    3. Nick Hayden
    4. Kurtis Cloward

  • Middleweight: 150 lbs. - 175 lbs.
    1. Nathan Thomas
    2. Josh Sutton
    3. Matt Hooker
    4. Tim Sielaff

  • Light Heavyweight: 176 lbs. - 199 lbs.
    1. David Clapper
    2. Jason VanHoy
    3. Elvis Cruz
    4. Michael Alford

  • Over 40 Years Old
    1. Cody Porter
    2. George Landry
    3. Leon Allsop

  • Current Points:
    1. 20: Nathan Thomas & Cody Porter
    2. 15: Anthony DeMasi & David Clapper
    3. 12: Evan Sweeney, Josh Sutton, Jason VanHoy, George Landry
    4. 10: Nick Hayden, Matt Hooker, Elvis Cruz, Leon Allsopp
    5. 8: Kurtis Cloward, Tim Sielaff, Michael Alford

  • IKF/PKB Circuit Point Chart
    • 1st place: 10 points
    • 2nd Place: 7 points
    • 3rd Place: 5 points
    • 4th Place: 3 points
    • All participants get 5 points for participating Grand Championship winners get an additional 5 points...
    • All Tournaments may not offer a grand championship.


Note: The IKF/PKB Circuit information is being updated. Updated information will be added soon.


FRIDAY, February 22nd, 2008, AT 3:00 PM, PT


Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing Proudly Presents
Guila's Paradise Cup 3
Antioch, California, USA

MONDAY, February 11th, 2008, AT 4:20 PM, PT

IKF Point Kickboxing
Hits New Levels of

Sacramento's, CA Saturday, January 26th was another chapter in the growth of one of the most exciting contact sports scorching across the country! IKF Point Kickboxing proved again why it is the true incubator for future champions of Kickboxing! The packed house of spectators showed its growth is not a farce as men, women and children came out in impressive number with hundreds of fans in tow from across the State of California.

In addition to the IKF Point Kickboxing matches, the day started with some of the most exciting grappling matches seen in the area! Almost all in attendance agreed with the fact that once things got 'rolling', it was all fun and exhilarating fights!

This event was the first of what is to be an exciting year for IKFPKB. Today's event started the 2008 IKFPKB circuit where fighters compete to win points to enter in the year end total in an attempt to become the year end IKFPKB Champion.


"IKF Point Kickboxing"
January 26th, - Sacramento, CA, USA

Special Thanks to Ringstar Sparring Shoes - and all of the trainers, fighters and fans that made this event a success! See you February 23rd, 2008 for the next IKFPKB Circuit Event in Antioch, California. For more info about IKFPoint Kickboxing go to - Or Click HERE or HERE

TUESDAY, January 22nd, 2008, AT 9:20 AM, PT

AK Promotions and Navarro's Muay Thai Presents
IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament...
This Weekend in Sacramento, CA! Top IKF Referee Slated to Officiate...

Sacramento- January 22nd, 2008: This weekend brings another, and first IKF Point Kickboxing tournament to the Sacramento, CA area. The semi contact version of kickboxing has been gaining in popularity.

"We have been getting calls from across the state for the past two weeks from those planning to attend. Therefore we are looking to have a first class event at a first class venue like the Doubletree Hotel. I think the fans and participants alike will enjoy the event" said Johnny Davis (Right) IKF Point Kickboxing President.

Davis Continued "We are also bringing in top IKF Referee, Mr. Dan Stell (Left) who is renown around the world for his excellent referring for this weekend's event. Dan has been assisting us with these semi-contact events since their inception about five years ago and his service is very valuable to the success of the events." Dan knows the vital difference between full contact and semi contact and allows fighters just enough room, not to cross the line.

For more information on this weekend's IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling event Click Here!

  • January 26, 2008- Sacramento, CA
  • Doubletree Hotel, 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA, 95815
  • IKF Point Kickboxing - Point Muay Thai - Grappling Tournament
  • Divisions for Men, Women & Juniors and Seniors Compete in Semi Contact Action- Grappling!
  • Officials and divisions Meeting starts at 9:30 AM - All competitors and Coaches Must Attend.
  • Although we may accept registration up until the start of your division, you will still need to be there for the rules meetings. If you are in travel and for some reason delayed, call Johnny Davis (916) 205-4762.
  • Registration will be available at the door.
  • Eliminations start around 10:30 AM.
  • More information on the IKF 2008 PKB Circuit click HERE.
  • Note: All weigh-in will be done on the morning of the event at time of registration only.
  • Spectators tickets are $10.00
  • Sponsored by Ringstar Sparring Shoes...
    • The Ringstar Sparring Shoes Have Been Approved For IKF Point Kickboxing Events Order Today by Calling (866) 721-7464 Or Go To

Johnny Davis

Dan Stell


For More IKF/PKB News Click HERE