NOTICE: IKF "Point" Kickboxing© ( AKA - IKF/PKB ) is a Copyrighted Semi - Contact Sparring Competition owned by Johnny M. Davis author of the Art of Kickboxing Training Manual from 1995 and released in 2001. IKF/PKB events are sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation - IKF one of the oldest and most recognized Kickboxing Organizations in the World. The IKF/PKB is the oldest organized semi contact kickboxing competition in the United States. The IKF/PKB also goes under the subtitle of Technical Bouts©, a title only to be used with the sole permission of Johnny Davis. The IKF/PKB is Approved by Commission across the country… to name a few; The California State Athletic Commission, Georgia State Athletic Commission, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada and other commissions across the USA. Please note that although there are other forms of semi contact kickboxing, if the event is not posted on the IKF and, or IKF/PKB website (s) or our or site’s, and, or does not have the Official IKF/PKB Logo...the IKF - Steve Fossum and, or A.K. Promotions - Johnny Davis Enterprises and all of their affiliates , partners etc - bears no responsibility for the conduct of officials, the promoter and, or any incidents that may result in injury or death that may occur at said events. Furthermore, if an official seen on the IKF/PKB websites is participating in events that are not sanctioned by the IKF/PKB, the IKF/PKB bears no responsibility for their actions. Moreover, all participants in IKF/PKB Sanctioned events assumes all risks in their participation in aforementioned events. If you have information that someone may be misrepresenting the IKF/PKB Sparring Circuit or if you would like to become a promoter, official etc. in your state or country, contact us today. Contact Information: IKF/PKB World Director Johnny Davis at or call (843) 773-1005, Or contact the IKF Headquarters at (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail at

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