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Not Enemy of the Sport of Kickboxing or Muay Thai…

Making Real and Lasting Change
By AKP Press Johnny Davis

I wanted to take a moment to address some things that have come up as of late regarding the IKF Point Muay Thai and Kickboxing© Sparring Divisions that we do across the country but in particular in North Carolina and California for the past few years.

It has become apparent that there are some people…gym owners etc. that want to host events, but do not fully understand and, or take the time to learn some of the requirements that go along with hosting an event. They simply put them on without oversight and lack of understanding which can simply be dangerous. When approached by an authority like their local athletic commission, they are quick to point to our organization as though we are attempting to deceive the commission and, or have some type of Smoker event that is illegal. Smoker events are more often not organized in a way that protect the participants; they often have a lack of understanding of the rules; they are in a ring or cage and the contact is not measured…just to name a few items. IKF/PKB on the other hand, fully understands the requirements one needs to promote an event whether semi or full contact and use our experience to assist other aspiring promoters.

What is to be made clear here is that IKF Point Muay Thai and Kickboxing© Sparring tournaments…

The contact is semi and you cannot knockout your opponent! If you do…by accident… you will be disqualified! This is something that we take very seriously in our organization across the country. We stand by our safety record and mandated safety gear for 15 years of doing these events. We've had thousands of matches and not even 1% of accidental knockouts (about 5 ) is an extraordinary record and should show anyone that even beyond the aforementioned rule, there must be more at the core of the organization that has been a safe incubator for thousands of men, women and kids ages 5 and up that participant in our events!

Moreover, we have had so many fighters that started in our semi contact events and moved on to full contact careers in amateur and professional fights in assorted sports!

In our efforts to make the sport of Kickboxing better across the country and abroad in particular in areas where we promote, my AK Promotions Company along with the backing and sanctioning of the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) have opened many doors for Kickboxers. Perhaps, if not for our efforts, some of these doors would still be closed. For example, while hosting events in California, we discovered that Juniors (Under 15 years old ) were not "Legally" allowed to fight in full contact / Muay Thai or Kickboxing. Together, we lead the charge with the local commission in opening that door for juniors. Since that time, thousands of juniors have had the opportunity to participant in the sport they love! This one move has already resulted in and will continue to produce more seasoned fighters! We know that many of you in California may not know this fact, but hope that you at least appreciate it!

As noted before…another huge step for our sport in California, was requesting that they allow tournament style Kickboxing and Muay Thai fights…in other words, fighters could fight more than one time in a day. Do you know this was not allowed before 2011… The year we hosted the first IKF West Coast Classic Tournament. It was only until we…AKP, assistant Rebecca Alvarez (R.I.P.) and the IKF wrote many letters and had meetings with the heads of the State that eventually brought more clarity to the commission on their rules regarding Kickboxing and Muay Thai. They agreed on our findings and allowed the tournament fights to begin in the State of California. Today, there have been several tournament promotions and organizations like the IKF of course along with Glory, K-1, WAKO, Bellator (MMA) and others that have had their tournaments in California which in turn has added to the bottom-line economy of the State and given more fighters an opportunity to compete.

AKP is doing similar things with local commissions on the central East Coast today to help them better understand what the IKF Point Muay Thai and Kickboxing© sparring tournaments are all about. We've invited them to come out and witness for themselves and sometimes, they send people to these events to monitor, which is fine with us. In fact, we are expecting such visitors at our fourth coming IKF PKB World Cup Sparring Tournament next weekend, December 30th in Winston Salem, North Carolina that will be at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The tournament is held in conjunction with the largest martial arts tournament in the United States called the Super Grands …consisting of thousands of competitors and done over a 6 day period! (December 26th- December 31st!) Register for it online at or at the door. Competition starts at 12:Noon.

In Closing, what we do is not to hurt the sport of Kickboxing or Muay Thai but instead try to grow it and make it safer and better for all involved! We are advocates, not an enemy of the sport! We consult those who want to do it the right way and move the sport forward. There are those that witness our work and growth but choose not to work with us and find alternative groups and that is OK as long as they have guidelines that are adhered to while keeping the participants safe etc.

Although we recognize general Kickboxing an Muay Thai rules and regulations can, and often do vary from state to state, we have put in many, many years of educating ourselves on these rules and regulations as well as assisting other states in updating these rules and regulations to match the rule styles of the sport. One fighting style in this case would be Muay Thai which is often misrepresented as its own sport by state commissions. Because of this, sometimes we have to put ourselves on the line to challenge antiquated laws that impede our existence. Our movement is done with respect to authority. Our challenge and activism to out-dated laws of exclusion is no different than other groups who have had to fight against laws that essentially left them out of the equation throughout history.

So, if you are one of those people who are putting on and, or supporting events without a real agenda to grow the sport and, or adequately protecting fighters… we ask that you do not do that and find a proper way to work with your local commission, recognized sanctioning body and, or authority etc.. Additionally, we ask that you do not throw those under a bus without truly understanding who they are and what they have done... instead, consider joining them in the fight for equality! Your counter - actions could impede the overall growth of Kickboxing and Muay Thai in your area and set us back years.

Today, it's all about making lasting changes, giving athletes, promoters and trainers the recognition they deserve so that the sports of Kickboxing and Muay Thai can rise to its deserving magnitude!
Happy Holidays and Forward March!

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed…

Johnny Davis

TUESDAY, December 13th, 2016, AT 8:20 PM/ PST

Results From Mr. Keith "Sudyod" Morreira's Legendz Combat League
"IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament"
December 10th, 2016 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

  • WHO: Mr. Keith "Sudyod" Morreira's Legendz Combat League
  • WHERE: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  • IKF PKB Representative: TBA
  • WHAT: IKF/PKB Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing - Semi-Contact - No Knockouts!
  • PROMOTER: Mr. Keith Morriera At (707) 761-8601.

Grand Prix IKFPKB Open / Advance Champion (158lbs) John Michael Brancaccio, (Right) of Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA is trained by Sensei Angel Ortiz. He started his career in IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Sparring Tournaments. Years later he went on to fight full contact Kickboxing.

His first introduction to Full Contact fighting was at the 2013 IKF World Classic. Sadly that weekend didn't end as hoped for when Brancaccio lost his opening bout to Connor Carpenter (Gilbert, Arizona, USA) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.

However Brancaccio was no quitter and he proved so by coming back the very next year to take home the title at the 2014 IKF World Classic in Orlando, Florida, USA. He won the Open International Rules Super Lightweight World Classic title for 14-15 Year Olds when he defeated Ardjent Balidemaj (Brooklyn, New York, USA) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27.

Brancaccio followed up his IKF World Classic win with another IKF Tournament belt winning the 2014 IKF East Coast Classic with two straight victories. He first defeated Samuel Hernandez (Grovetown, Georgia, USA) by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-28. He followed that victory when he defeated Lance Tweedy (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA) by Split Decision. 29-28, 28-29 & 29-28 to take home the title.

He defended BOTH titles the following year. At the 2015 IKF World Classic in the same rule style and weight division, Brancaccio won the title with back to back victories. In the opening prelim round on Saturday he defeated two time IKF World Classic Champion (2013 & 2014) Arbon Iseni (Staten Island, New York, USA) by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. In the Championship bout the following day he defeated 2014 IKF East Coast Classic Champion Malachi Cash (Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.

He again followed up his IKF World Classic win with taking home the 2015 IKF East Coast Classic belt, again, with two straight victories. He first defeated Alex Maxwell (Bowman, Georgia, USA) by Unanimous Decision. 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28. In his Championship bout he defeated Malachi Cash (Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA) by Unanimous Decision. 29-25 on all cards.

In 2016 Brancaccio still had more to prove as he took home IKF Gold yet again at the 2016 IKF World Classic in the Open International Rules Super Welterweight division for 15 - 17 Year Olds. He first defeated Nash Kellett (Victoria, British Columbia, USA) by split decision, 30-27 Brancaccio, 29-28 Brancaccio & 30-27 Kellett. The following day on Championship Sunday he defeated Lamar Price Jr. (Grovetown, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

Brancaccio didn't fight at the 2016 IKF East Coast Classic, most likely because no one wanted to match up against him. Still, he will most likely be back in the ring at next years 2017 IKF World Classic in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Brancaccio (Now 14-2-1 as a full contact kickboxer and 5-3 as an amateur boxer) returned again this year to the Legendz Combat League event to show that his skills are still sharp at the Semi Contact skill level having to show he can control his diverse techniques to make him a champion at any level! That is the beauty of the IKF PKB...its great for all levels!

Here are all the results from this past weekends, Legendz Combat League event in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

  • Boys 62 TO 75 lbs
    1. Xeric Karoutros, Orlando, Florida, USA
    2. Connor McGukin, Orange Park, Florida, USA.

  • Boys 73 TO 81 lb
    1. Joe Martin, Orlando, Florida, USA
    2. Brian Owens, Orlando, Florida, USA
    3. D'shon Daniel, Orlando, Florida, USA
    4. Alan Kudahhou, St. Augustine, Florida, USA
      Ion Hernandez, St. Augustine, Florida, USA.

  • Boys 88 TO 99 lbs
    1. Jeramiah Safold, Orlando, Florida, USA
    2. Esteban Janmillo, Orlando, Florida, USA
    3. Nehimiah Suffold, Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Girls 103 TO 108 lbs
    1. Ana Bradshaw, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
    2. Stephanie Barreto, Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Women 103 TO 108 lbs
    1. Erin Brito, Brandon, Florida, USA
    2. Nicole Ricardo, Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Men 120 TO 130 lbs
    1. Josh Thomas, Orange Park, Florida, USA
    2. Luis Kinnes, Orlando, Florida, USA
    3. Anthon Basciglo, Brandon, Florida, USA.

  • Men 133 TO 145 lbs
    1. Shane Butcher, Brandon, Florida, USA
    2. Jerrel Vincent, Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Men 157 TO 160 lbs
    1. Cash Willis, Ocala, Florida, USA
    2. Haiden Parish, Orange Park, Florida, USA.

  • Men Heavyweight
    1. Kristian Lutta, Mandarin, Florida, USA
    2. P.J. Carreira, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


    • Mens 151 TO 161 lbs
      1. Oshay Robertson, Jacksonville, Florida, USA defeated Daniel Miller, Orange Park, Florida, USA

    • Mens 189 TO 191 lbs
      1. Ramon Butts, St. Augustine, Florida, USA defeated Raesean Benton, Orange Park, Florida, USA

    • Mens 154 TO 158 lbs
      1. John Michael Brancaccio, Orlando, Florida, USA defeated Bassirou Willane, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

For More information on IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Events in the Jacksonville, Florida area contact
Mr. Keith Morriera at (707) 761-8601 or go to or


IKF PKB Welcomes Back
Mr. Jerry Mendez as State Representative!

Heads the State of Connecticut- Now Accepting Events for 2017!
From Johnny Davis

As President and Founder of the IKF Point Kickboxing & Muay Thai Organization,
I'm very pleased to welcome back Mr. Jerry Mendez to our organization!

Jerry's past tenure with us was a five year stretch in which he promoted IKF Point Kickboxing events up and down the State of Florida. Jerry did an awesome job putting events together, working directly with promoters, fighters etc. to assure the events ran smoothly. Jerry's commitment to the organization was real and his respect for me and my decision were always honored.

Jerry has many talents and I'm personally looking forward to how much further we can go with some of our new programs. He's smart ( maybe I say that because he came back... JD) No, he really is smart and puts his heart into what he does. For the time Jerry was with us, he and his events were a vital piece to our growth and why we are still going strong! In fact, we are expanding monthly with more events across the nation as more trainers, fighters and fans are starting to realize the value of what the IKFPKB has done and continues to do for the sport across the United States.

Hundreds if not thousands of Muay Thai / Kickboxers got their start participating in IKFPKB in the Florida Circuit under Mr. Mendez's direction and leadership. Jerry has an outgoing personality and is very passionate about the sport of Kickboxing. He takes care of the fighters in all aspects of the game. One of the most important things that stands out to me about Jerry… with all of his experience in combat sports, is that he really gets the semi contact …No Knockouts concept and makes safety a top priority.

Understanding this very important piece of controlled - contact and safety of our organization has been vital to its success over the last 15 years as well as will be for years to come. Mr. Mendez, who is now based in New York City, will focus on the State of Connecticut as he feels there is a huge base of potential fighters who would love the IKFPKB concept and want to get involved!

"I'm very pleased to be returning to an organization I had the pleasure of working with in Florida for five years. I loved promoting the IKFPKB Sparring Tournament and witnessed so many talented fighters over the years and I'm looking forward to finding even more talent as we continue to help the sport grow."
noted Mendez.

The IKFPKB Events are great for all students both novice and advance, young and old and will add a great event to your calendar, increase your bottom-line, improve your student's skills as well as increase enrollment. It's a win- win for all involved.

Don't delay…become an exclusive IKFPKB Promoter in the State of Connecticut before your city is gone as we limit promoters in every area in order to make each event successful.

If you own a Muay Thai and or Kickboxing Club in the State of Connecticut and would like to feature these semi contact events at your club, inside a standing martial arts tournament, or want to compete in forth coming events, contact Mr. Jerry Mendez at (212) 470-3134.

Side Note:
Mr. Mendez and I reached an understanding that he will continue to promote his own events under the USKBA Action Sports Organization as the promotions company, however the events will be sanctioned by IKFPKB. Mr. Mendez has some vital parts of the aforementioned organization like a well known facebook page called USKBA Action Sports TV that showcases streaming video of a variety of fight sports and we feel IKFPKB Sparring events being held and filmed across the country can become a staple on an already established network. Ultimately, it is our goal to continue to build the sport of Kickboxing through our semi contact program that will eventually allow us to host more full contact shows.

WEDNESDAY, November 16th, 2016, AT 1:20 PM/ PST

Former IKF World Champion Manu Ntoh and Bryan Keith…
Combine Talents With IKF and AK Promotions!

IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Sparring Tournament Set for January 28th in Smyrna, Georgia, USA

Former IKF World Champion Manu Ntoh and Bryan Keith Combine talents with IKF and AK Promotions as they team up with the IKF & AK Promotions.

Bryan Keith is a former paratrooper with the United States Army, a Fitness Consultant for his Blackeye Athletics gear company, a kickboxer and avid martial artist…he is well accomplished! However, ask him about his friend, trainer and mentor Manu Ntoh and a deep sense of humility and respect takes over the airwaves. He's quick to give high praise to his friend for over ten years. "He is just a good man" states Keith.

It all actually makes sense as Manu Ntoh was one of the best fighters in the world in Muay Thai / Kickboxing! He has fought around the world as well as gone toe- to toe with the very best in the industry! Ntoh is incredibly talented and won six world titles in his career. They included;

  • WMTC ('96)
  • IMF ('96)
  • World Drakka ('98, '99)
  • ISKA (2000)
  • IKKC ('02, '06)
  • IKF Full Rules Muay Thai (2008)

Prior to 2004 Manu was also a top ranked boxer and contender with organizations like NABA, NABO and IBA.

See Tribute to Manu by clicking

There are few people that when you mention their name…only great things are said… Manu Ntoh is one of those people who have created friends and associates around the world! Being so well thought of will only be an asset in building our IKF programs in that area.

Their first IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring tournament where they will invite fighters from across the state and beyond to come and test their skills… is scheduled for January 28th 2017 at Manu's Madhouse Training Facility located at 2652 South Cobb Dr. #C Smyrna, GA 30080.

Madhouse Training Facility

If you would like to compete and, or bring your team to this exciting Semi Contact Kickboxing event, Contact Mr. Bryan Keith at (707) 434-2208 or (678) 457-2507.

In IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Tournaments, knockouts are not allowed and sparring is done on a matted floor… it's a perfect way to re-introduce Muay Thai / Kickboxing to that area of Georgia. Nice awards and accolades go to those who compete in this exciting semi contact competition.

All fighters consisting of men, women and children from 5 years old and up wear full protective gear including 10-12oz gloves for smaller kids and 16 oz Gloves for adults and larger teens. Wearing headgear, shin-guards, mouthpiece etc. are all mandatory to give the fighters a safe sparring adventure.

Moreover, the sparring events will be under the guidelines and strict regulations of the International Kickboxing Federations' Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Division. The IKF/PKB… as it is termed is the oldest and most recognized sanctioning body in the United States for semi - contact kickboxing and has promoted hundreds of events across the country.

Thanks to visionaries Keith and Ntoh…those, both novice and experienced fighters that wish to pursue the sport of Muay Thai / Kickboxing will now have an outlet to showcase their skills and who knows where things could go from there! Everyone with the IKF/PKB are personally looking forward to working with this great team and feel confident that we can build a solid on-going event in this area as we groom kickboxers for the next level!

More to come…Forward March!

WEDNESDAY, August 17th, 2016, AT 1:35 PM/ PST

Results from Kru Chris Clodfelter & Johnny Davis'
IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Tournament
August 13th, 2016 - Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA

This past Saturday in Winston Salem, North Carolina, thanks to Mr. Chris Clodfelter taking a leap of faith at giving the IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Tournament a try, the City would have its first event! It could go without saying that his students and those that traveled from across South and North Carolina and as far as Tennessee, would offer him BIG THANKS as well for hosting the event! The tournament gave both novice and experienced practitioners who love the sport an opportunity to test their skills against diverse opponents. Some learned more about offense and defense while others learned the vital lesson of proper conditioning for even this level of competition. Knockouts are not allowed which in most cases means you have to rely on skill and techniques to out maneuver your opponent! Simply put…you need to be in shape!

The fans were enthusiastic throughout the event and with only a few small hiccups…it was a huge success with no serious injuries and a great fundraiser for this quaint, nestled club that breeds many champions out of Winston Salem, North Carolina! In fact, Mr. Clodfelter and his Eight Points Muay Thai Club are already looking at dates to host the next event around the first of the year. We are thankful for Mr. Clodfelter allowing the IKF/PKB Sparring event as it is our goal to give fighters, trainers and fans a real fighting experience in a safe less threatening environment…as we prepare them for the bigger stage of our great sport…mission accomplished!

Thanks also goes to those that stepped up to help officiate, those that helped keep the brackets, Trainers and everyone who assisted in making this a very nice event! Special thanks also goes to Mr. Jerome Robinson for loaning a few extra chairs for spectators. Btw, Mr. Robinson will be hosting his IKF Point Kickboxing Sparring event in a few weeks…August 27th in Sumter, SC and is inviting everyone to come out and get in some good sparring before the upcoming IKF East Coast Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC, October 1st! He is offering a discount from the posted price…if you contact him to let him know you will be bringing your team…Save $10 off the at the door price…but you must call! (803) 236-0803 or contact him on Facebook. More information at Forward March!

Results from August 13th, 2016 IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Tournament

If you would like to promote your own IKF Point Kickboxing Sparring Tournament at your club or in your City, Feel free to give us a call. (843)773-1005 More information at - or

MONDAY, April 18th, 2016, AT 1:00 PM/ PST

Results From Inertia Promotions'
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Tournament "
San Jose, California, USA

TUESDAY, February 16th, 2016, AT 11:45 AM/ PST

Results From AK Promotions'
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

As part of the Grand Strand Fight Night – IKF Championship Kickboxing show, there was the day time IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament. Always fun and exciting with great competition, this one did not disappoint!

AK Promotions discovered a lot of talent, many of them ready to step into the full contact ring. They also met those that did their first real competition and found out that they needed more condition etc. but plan to come back stronger next time.

The value of the IKF PKB has proven as a true incubator for the great sport of Kickboxing as we continue to encourage those that want to move forward in the sport; be recognized for their skills in the infancy of their career and help them become a seasoned Champion.

Hope to see you soon!

  • Junior Girls
    1. Giann'a Maria Henkel, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Junior Boys
    1. Riley Johnson, Atlanta, GA

  • Women
    1. Sherri Higgins, Myrtle Beach, SC
    2. Samun Meath, Charlotte, NC

  • Men
    1. Robin Loza, Charlotte, NC
    2. Lee Wilson, Summerville, NC

  • Men 150lbs
    1. Mike Pesesko, Columbia, SC
    2. James Johnson, Charlotte, NC

  • Men 180lbs
    1. Kane Chitty, Charlotte, NC
    2. Iber Miguel, Charleston, SC

  • Men – Night time PKB
    1. Note: This fight was done in a ring under IKFPKB semi contact rules due to fighters being outside of the official IKF Weight Classes for a regulated fight. Fighters wore all safety gear including 16.oz gloves, headgear, shinguards, etc. and no knockouts were allowed.
      1. Corinthian Burch, Charlotte, NC
      2. Tyler Rossi

Special Thanks to our IKFPKB Officials, Mr. Scott McMillan, Mr. Dennis Lane and Mr. Ron Hilton. More information on or - To host an event contact Johnny Davis at (843) 773-1005.