MONDAY, December 8th, 2014, AT 6:25 PM/ PST

Results From KO1 Fitness Academy's
"IKF SEMI-CONTACT Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament"
"Klash of the Kru's"

December 6th, 2014 - Hayward, California, USA

  • WHO: KO1 Fitness Academy
  • WHERE: KO1 Fitness Academy, 22636 Main Street, Hayward, California, USA
  • WHAT: IKF/PKB Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing - Semi-Contact - No Knockouts!
  • IKF/PKB Representative: Terry Morgan
  • CONTACT: Ignacio Trejo At (415) 350-4743

IKF/PKB Representative Mr. Terry Morgan reports a great event for IKF Point Kickboxing promoted by Mr. Ignacio Trejo of KO1 Fitness of Hayward. Although this event was done in a make-shift floor ring (which is not the standard for an IKF/PKB event, and will be reviewed in more detail) the IKF/PKB rules of semi-contact were closely adhered to. No knockouts and No injuries occurred. "Men, women and children enjoyed a great day of semi contact sparring action that will indeed help enhance their skills while growing the sport of Kickboxing." noted Johnny Davis, President of the IKF Point Kickboxing, arm of the IKF.


  1. Tai Ly defeats Anthony Rinaldi

  2. Eli Torres defeats Adrian Gomez

  3. Julian Bridges defeats Vinton Yu

  4. Khesraw Noori defeats Chris Gallego

  5. Michael Guadamuz defeats Essac Elvin

  6. Christian Zetina defeats Damian Saldivar

  7. Chris Inocencio defeats Adam Mofrad

  8. Miah Smith defeats Gaby Rodriguez

  9. Marcos Chupin defeats Thomas McElroy

  10. Josh Olberg defeats Eli Torres

  11. Garry Johnson defeats Dean Wu

  12. Altan Bayaraa defeats Billy Kim

  13. Jose Fernandez defeats Brandon Kamstra

  14. Lei Saludares defeats Katie Torres

  15. Marcus Worley defeats Joaquin Duemas

  16. Maree Caput defeats Lyudmila Salomatina

  17. Leah Rodriguez defeats Sorel Benitez

  18. Nick Katzman defeats David Deleon

  19. Edgar Diaz defeats Austin Liu

  20. Micah Saludares defeats Ian Keever

  21. Maree Caput defeats Amber Martinez

IKF/PKB Is The ONLY California State Athletic Commission "APPROVED" Semi-Contact Kickboxing Competition
And The ONLY "Sanctioned" Semi Contact Kickboxing Organization In California!

WEDNESDAY, June 18th, 2014, AT 10:35 PM/ PST

Results From Julio Castro's
""Best of the Best" IKF Point Kickboxing
June 14th, 2014 - Tracy, California, USA

MONDAY, May 5th, 2014, AT 9:50 PM/ PST

Results From Grand Master E. Dukes & Kuro Bushi Martial Arts'
IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing
May 3rd, 2014 - Concord, North Carolina, USA

Concord, NC- May 3rd, 2014: Grand Master Ernest Dukes of Concord, NC should be standing very tall and feeling very proud today as he hit a homerun with a successful Point Kickboxing Tournament this past Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 in Concord, NC. From the first time Master Dukes introduced himself to IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis, he has crossed every "T" and dotted every "I" as we say here in the South in preparation for this event.

From adding the IKF/PKB to his website to creating beautiful designed posters and flyers, he did not miss a detail. Furthermore, the Southeast is riddled with tons of Karate Tournaments every weekend and you could be assured that Master Dukes would be in attendance at many of them with flyers and poster in hand…promoting his event.

The awards he gave were in many ways… exceptional! The Facility that he used was excellent and only had two divisions…Grappling and IKF Point Kickboxing which gave everyone plenty and space and leisure. Another gym would host assorted martial artist and disciplines and was well attended as well. Along with a separate Microphone, matted floor rings and its own fans, the gym was loaded with enthusiastic onlookers amazed at the athletes that showcased their amazing skills! The fighters were awesome and showed great respect for their opponents!

The Kickboxing community really showed their support for this quiet but proficient promoter who gave 100% effort in marketing and setting up the event! The fans witnessed for themselves why martial arts tournaments across North and South Carolina are buying into the excitement of IKF Point Kickboxing…Simply put…Its Exciting!

Promoters like Master Ernest Dukes will be one of the primary reasons for its success in years to come! Forward March!

  • Boys 10-12 Years Old- International Rules
    1. Tony Rossi, Myrtle Beach, SC
    2. Travis LaPrarie, Virginia Beach, NC
    3. Zeke Barnhill, Rocky Point, NC

  • Boys 15-17 Years Old- Lightweight International Rules
    1. Tyler Rossi, Myrtle Beach, SC
    2. Conner Brough, Greensboro, NC

  • Junior Boys 15-17 Years Old Middleweight International Rules
    1. Brandon Kraycirik, Huntersville, NC
    2. Blake Stephens, Goldsboro, NC
    3. Anthony Mingioni, Greensboro, NC

  • Women's Lightweight- International Rules
    1. Jessica Hendricks, Cleveland, NC
    2. Kaila Kinchen, Davidson, NC
    3. Bethany Cole, Wingate, NC

  • Women's Middleweight Muay Thai – Advanced
    1. Ashely Nee, Charlotte, NC
    2. Ann Lee, Mathew, NC

  • Women's Heavyweight International Rules
    1. Lisa Stragenegg, Conway, SC
    2. Sham Stewart, Greensboro, NC

  • Men 130- 140 lbs. Muay Thai Rules
    1. Zane Starratt, Charlotte, NC *Demetrius Moore, Charlotte, NC (DQ'd Excessive Contact)

  • Men 140 to 150lbs. Muay Thai Rules
    1. Mathew West, Brevard, NC
    2. Cody Butler, Charlotte, NC

  • Mens 150 to 160 lbs. Muay Thai Rules
    1. Frank McMillian, Charlotte, NC
    2. Marquese Mitchell, Charlotte, NC

  • Men 160 to 170lbs International Rules
    1. Collin Oates, Charlotte, NC
    2. Kyle Gray, Charlotte, NC
    3. Brett Flenniken, Charlotte, NC
    4. Josh Street, Mt. Pleasant, NC
    5. Contenders – Kyel Trawinski- Myrtle Beach, SC, Alex Kearschner, Charlotte, NC, Frank Zhong, Greensboro, NC

  • Men 170 to 180 lbs- Muay Thai Rules
    1. Jhon Ramierez, Fort Mills, SC
    2. Dominique Williams, Concord, NC
    3. Brian Leos, Virginia, NC
    4. Steven Cole, Monroe, NC

  • Men 185 – 195- Muay Thai Rules
    1. *Stephen Mulls, Charlotte, NC
    2. Justin Bradley, Mooresville, NC

  • Men Heavyweight Muay Thai Rules
    1. Caleb Bucy Fort Mills, SC- Grand Champion and Prize Winner
    2. Matt Green, Charlotte, NC
    3. Dylan Wilcox, Mooresville, NC
    4. Brian White, Charlotte, NC
    5. Contender – Brian White, Charlotte, NC

  • Men Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Rules
    1. Justin Mitchell, Greensboro, NC
    2. Ryan Jones, Charlotte, NC
    3. Andre Allen, Charlotte, NC

    • Mens Senior Cruiserweight International Rules
      1. Ryan Chambers, Mooresville, NC
      2. Malford Jeeter, Jr – Brevard, NC
      3. James Kelly, Charlotte, NC
      4. Bob Grail, Huntersville, NC

    • Men Senior Heavyweight Muay Thai Rules
      1. Kelvin Bass, Wilmington, NC
      2. Arthur Poyssic, Charlotte, NC

    • Men Senior Super Heavyweight 230lbs +
      1. Brian Mottola, Charlotte, NC – Grand Champion and Prize Winner
      2. Cory Shepherd, Charlotte, NC
      3. Chris Fernelli, Charlotte, NC

Special thanks to all the teams, coaches and fans that supported the event. Special thank to all the officials who helped out: Mr. Terry Rich, Tina Rich, Helen Davis, Cory Wilson and others. For more information on IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Events in Concord, NC, please contact IKF/PKB Promoter Master Ernest Dukes at (704) 796-8902 or for general questions about the IKF/PKB on the Southeast Coast contact Johnny Davis at (843) 773-1005.

The Next IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament in North Carolina will be May 17th, in Lauringburg, NC…

TUESDAY, April 22nd, 2014, AT 5:10 PM/ PST

Results From Mr. Lacy Green's
IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing
April 19th, 2014 - E Lumberton, North Carolina, USA

Mr. Lacy Green, who was one of the original instructors for Johnny "Superfoot" Davis, made his debut as an IKF Point Kickboxing Promoter this past weekend in his Martial Arts Tournament held at the Farmers Market in Lumberton, NC. The event was well attended by martial artist from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. The IKF Point Kickboxing Division was again a splash to on-lookers signaling again why the IKF PKB division is quickly becoming the hottest new semi contact divisions in the Carolinas.


Next event in North Carolina is May 3rd, 2014 in Concord.
Many are predicating this event to be the largest IKF Point Kickboxing ever held in the Carolinas.
More information contact Johnny Davis at (843) 773-1005.

TUESDAY, April 8th, 2014, AT 6:40 PM/ PST

Results From Pallen's Martial Arts'
"Golden Gate Championships"
April 5th, 2014 - Santa Clara, California, USA

The Golden Gate Internationals Promoter Mr. Jordan Pallen and his team where successful again in pulling off yet another great IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament. IKF PKB Northern California Representatives Mr. Terry Morgan and his Wife Sue report that the event was an awesome display of real kickboxing talent and the fans got their money's worth. Men, women and juniors competed in semi contact action where knockouts are not allowed and everyone leaves feeing that they were in a real fight! That's what IKF PKB is all about! See you at the next event! More info at

MONDAY, March 31st, 2014, AT 11:40 PM/ PST

Results From Mr. Terry Gore Of Conway, SC's
"IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing"
March 15th, 2014 - Conway, South Carolina, USA

The first IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament was nestled inside Terry Gore's Karate Tournament that hosted over 300 competitors. Although the IKFPKB divisions were not big the first time out, fighters, fans and trainers are raving about the excitement they witnessed at this event.

Mr. Gore said "I love it and the fans loved it! I want it back next year…this is some real exciting stuff!"

One of the youth's trainers who competed for the first time said "He found his place in contact sports after trying many others. He told his grandmother the other day, I only want to do the IKF PKB going forward!"

These comments about the excitement of IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing are not new and have been going on for over a decade in other parts of the United States. Now, the Southeast Coast is getting a taste of what many have known for many years that IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing is here to stay and will continue to be the premier incubator for the future Kickboxing champions!

For more information of IKF Point Muay Thai Events in your area, contact Johnny Davis at (843) 773-1005 - e-mail -

TUESDAY, February 18th, 2014, AT 11:20 PM/ PST

Results From Aggressive Combat Sports'
"IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament "
February 1st, 2014 - Hollywood, Florida, USA

  1. Anthony Compean (TFLMMA) VS Christian Mata (Att Sunrise) 6yrs
    Christian Mata - Winner 2-0

  2. Hugo Compean (TFLMMA) VS Clayton Cannon II (Att Sunrise) 7yrs
    Clayton Cannon II - Winner 2-0

  3. Arthur Gambarte (TFLMMA) VS Clayton Cannon I (Att Sunrise) 8yrs
    Clayton Cannon I - Winner 2-0

  4. Jahvon Conroy (Att Sunrise) VS Melvine Valle (Academy of martial arts) 9yrs
    Melvine Valle - Winner 2-0

  5. Storm Schweiker (TFLMMA) VS Gustavo Genao (Att Sunrise) 11yrs
    Gustavo Genao - Winner 2-0

  6. Shahiem Mauldin (TFLMMA) VS Joseph Meloi (Att Sunrise) 12yrs
    Josheph Meloi - Winner 2-0

  7. Manuel Boza (TFLMMA) VS Jamari Mcnichol (Att Sunrise) 13yrs
    Jamari McNichols - Winner 2-0

  8. Tyler Elliot (Academy of martial arts) VS Jahmar Whitehead (TFLMMA) 14yrs
    Jahmar Whitehead - Winner 2-0

  9. Coral Carnicella (Alan Bowon Muay Thai) VS Cierra Farrel (Academy of Martial Arts) 120lbs Ladies Teens.
    Coral Carnicella - Winner 2 - 0

  10. Jaytee Dolabaille (TFLMMA) VS Tj Webb (Att Sunrise) 13yrs
    TJ Webb - Winner 2-0

  11. Jim Raupp (Att Sunrise) VS Cody Jones (TFLMMA) 15yrs
    Cody Jones - Winner 2-0

  12. Damien Whitehead (TFLMMA) VS TJ Wardell (WMB Dave Gomez) 147lbs Adults
    TJ Wardell - Winner 3 - 1
  13. Yoka D. (Knockout Zone) VS Natalia Ruiz (Alan Bowon Muay Thai) 127lbs Adults
    Yoka Winner - 3-0

  14. Mariano Gutierrez (Jungle Muay Thai Miami) VS Matthew Scala (Dynasty Muay Thai ) 175lbs Adults
    Matthew Scala - Winner 3-1

  15. Kenel Escarment (Carlos Sonzini M.A) VS Fernando Mendoza (Jungle Muay Thai Miami) 205lbs Adults
    Kenel Escarment - Winner 3-2

  16. James Holt (Academy of Martial Arts) VS Frank Azuero (Jungle Muay Thai Miami) 240lbs + Adults
    James Holt - Winner 3-1

  17. Daniel Ponce (TFLMMA) VSAlex Dale (Jungle Muay Thai Miami) 175lbs Adults
    Alex Dale - Winner by Default.
    Ponce submitted due to exhaustion after the second round.


FRIDAY, January 31st, 2014, AT 8:50 AM/ PST


Aggressive Combat Sports Presents
"IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament "
"Your Next Step Out of the Gym and Beyond!"

Hollywood, Florida, USA

THURSDAY, January 30th, 2014, AT 10:40 PM/ PST

Results From Dillon Wellness Centers
"IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament "
"Your Next Step Out of the Gym and Beyond!"

January 25th, 2014 - Dillon, South Carolina, USA

IKF Point Kickboxing made its re-entry into a martial arts tournament on the Southeast Coast. The crowd surrounded the ring to cheer on fighters as they participated in hot semi contact Kickboxing action! Although not a large turnout of fighters for only the second event in the area in many years, several camps showed up to offer their future support after seeing the action. We have seen coaches tentative about getting involved before on the West Coast but know beyond a doubt that they will come as we build… making IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing one of the hottest divisions in martial arts tournament on the East Coast just as it is in California and Florida etc.

Trainers on the East Coast will soon learn that this form of competition is the best way to get their students ready for bigger events and, or just increase their speed, accuracy and techniques. They will soon learn too that their clubs will grow as a result of offering semi contact Kickboxing as students will see that there is another level of competition that's exciting, safe and rewarding!

This past weekend, fighters received very nice awards provided by Mr. Wayne Green and his War Angel annual event hosted in Dillon, South Carolina. As always, IKF Point Kickboxing fighters bring a host of family members and teammates with them to see the competition and that's great news for any promoter of the event.

Look for an event coming near you soon!
Hope to see you at the next IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Tournament in your area soon!
See growing calendar at

Here are the results from this past weekends IKF PKB Event:

  • Boys – 8-10
    1. Austin Beasley - Dillon, South Carolina, USA
    2. Jared Wright – Dillon, South Carolina, USA

  • Boys – 10-12
    1. .Gage Bazemore, Rowland, North Carolina, USA
    2. Devon Davis (DJ) - Dillon, South Carolina, USA

  • Youth Boy/Girl 8-9
    1. Jataoya Wilson, Dillon, South Carolina, USA
    2. Tristan Rodriquez, Lumberton, North Carolina, USA

  • Boys 14-15
    1. Taye Thompson – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Truinty Grimsley- Dillon, South Carolina, USA

  • Women
    1. Ashley Nee, Mathew, North Carolina, USA
    2. Erin Debardinis, Monroe,, North Carolina, USA
    3. *Vincea Locklear, Pembroke, North Carolina, USA
    4. *Dana Acosta, Dillon, South Carolina, USA

  • Men
    1. Collin Oats, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Bill Graff, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

IKF PKB President Johnny Davis
With some winners at the event.

More information at or contact Johnny Davis at (843) 773-1005. Next Scheduled event tentatively set for May 3rd in Concord, North Carolina. Continue to visit the site for updates. We are adding events weekly and are expecting to post event for each month soon. If you would like to promote IKF Point Kickboxing in conjunction with your martial arts events and, or a separate event, feel free to give us a call.

THURSDAY, January 2nd, 2014, AT 9:00 AM/ PST