FRIDAY, December 18th, 2009, AT 8:10 PM/ PST

Dear Fighters, Trainers and Promoters,
Thanks for being a part of the IKF Point Kickboxing Circuits. We had an exciting year in 2009 and are looking for another exciting year of semi contact action for 2010. We have plans to continue our growth and continue to be an incubator for the great sport of Kickboxing.

Thanks again for your participation in one of the fasting growing tournament divisions in the country. Yesterday we posted a list of the 2009 West Coast Champions. They will need to RSVP No Later Than January 6th, 2010. for the January 30th, 2010 Awards Banquet in Rancho Cordova, CA. Cost for the Luncheon is only $25.

We hope that you will come out and support your 2009 IKF PKB West Coast Champions!
Sincerely Always Giving My Best
Johnny Davis
President IKF Point Kickboxing

Current 2010
IKF Point Kickboxing Schedule

Dates and location subjected the change. A notice will be sent if changes are necessary.
Note: All events listed are subjected to the IKF/PKB rules and guidelines.
If an event is not listed on this list, or on the IKF or IKF/PKB Events Pages, it is not Sanctioned by the IKF/PKB!
The IKF/PKB bares no responsibility for events not Sanctioned And Approved by IKF/PKB.

  1. January 23rd, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Pallen's AMAPA Kickoff, Deer Valley High School, City and Location California, TBA
    (510) 914-6764,

  2. January 30, 2010: 2009 IKF Point Kickboxing West Coast Circuit Awards Banquet
    Tommy T's 12401 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, California, Noon.
    Please RSVP Johnny Davis (916) 205-4762,
    Would love for all trainers and champions to attend.

  3. February 13th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Florida Season Opener, Freedom High School, Address TBA
    Jerry Mendez, (718) 600-7069, Hollywood Florida,

  4. February 21st, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Pallen's Delta Smack Down, Freedom High School, City & Location TBA
    (510) 914-6764,

  5. February 27th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Guila's, 4389 Hillcrest Ave. Antioch, California, 94531
    (925) 354-3434,

  6. March 13th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Pallen's Solistic Olympic, Contra Costa College, City & Location TBA
    (510) 914-6764,

  7. *March 20th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    AKP / Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club, 4415 Granite Dr. Ste. 600, Rocklin, California
    Johnny Davis (916) 205-4762,

  8. April 10th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Pallen's Golden Gate Internationals, Santa Clara Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California
    (510) 914-6764,

  9. May 1st, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Sacramento, California, Location TBA
    Kru Yong, (916) 568-5881,

  10. May 15th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Indian Trial, NC, Location TBA
    Mr. Sean Griffin, (704) 488-3908,

  11. May 29th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Santa Clara, California, Location TBA
    Ray Delgado, (707) 643-7778,

  12. July 10th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Sacramento, California, Location TBA
    Kru Yong, (916) 568-5881,

  13. July 24th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    IKF World Classic Tournament: The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA
    Johnny Davis, (916) 205-4762, - Info Click Here.

  14. September 11th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Sacramento, California, Location TBA
    Kru Yong, (916) 568-5881,

  15. September 25th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    4389 Hillcrest Ave. Antioch, California, 94531
    Dennis Guila, (925) 755-3434,

  16. November 6th , 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Rocklin, California, AKP, Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club, 4415 Granite Dr. Ste. 600
    Johnny Davis (916) 205-4762,

  17. November 13th, 2010: IKF Point / Muay Thai Kickboxing:
    Indian Trial, North Carolina, Location TBA
    Mr. Sean Griffin, (704) 488-3908,


More information at or
or by contacting Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762.

THURSDAY, December 17th, 2009, AT 10:00 PM/ PST

IKF Point Kickboxing
Circuit Champions

Please RSVP For Awards Banquet by 12-28-09
for the Banquet on January 30th, 2010
in Rancho Cordova, CA - E-mail
Must be Present to Receive Award.


AK - Girls 7 & Under Beginner
Danielle Garner - 75 - MT Lao, Sacramento, CA

AK - Junior Boys/Girls 8-10
Giovanni Faulo - 15 - Guila's KB, Antioch, CA
Alden Sloan - 15 - Pittsburgh, CA

AK Girls 11-13 Advanced
Katrina Nahe - 45 - Guila's KB – Antioch, CA

AK Boys 11-13 Advanced
Andy Le - 15 - Sacramento, CA
Peter Le - 15 - Sacramento, CA

AK Boys 15-17 Beginner
Roman Mendoza - 32 - Warrior MMA, Sacramento, CA

AK Girls 15-17 Intermediate
Lena McMaster - 30 - Dragons Mart. Arts, Forresthill, CA

AK – Women Beginner
Cam Le - 15 - MT Thai Boxing, Sacramento, CA

AK – Men Super Lightweight/Beginner
Jesus Barrios - 15 - Dragons Mart. Arts, Forresthill, CA

AK Men Beginner
John Cabaud - 23 - North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA

AK – Men Intermediate
Chuy Mera - 30 - (+ GC Points) Team Morello, Santa Barbara, CA

AK – Men Advanced
Darrel Spann - 15 - Typhoon Mart. Arts, Sacramento


PIR – 7 & Under Boys/Girls
Jonathan Bland - 57 - North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA

PIR Boys 8-10 Beginner
Caleb De Pello - 30 - Next Generation, North Highlands

PIR Girls 8-10 Beg
Samantha Sunders - 15 - Pittsburgh, CA

PIR Boys 11-13 Beginner
Halliel Juarez - 64 - North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA

PIR Boys 14-16 Beginner
Daniel Pruitt - 15 - Team KI – Danville, CA

PIR Boys 14-16 Intermediate
Conner Cordova - 15 - People's Kenpo, Denver, CO

PIR Boys 15-17 Beginner
Hugo Rivera - 42 - Guila's KB, Antioch, CA

PIR Women Beginner
Angelica Jimenez - 20 - (Includes Grand Champion Points) - NorCalFt Alliance, Santa Rosa, CA

PIR Men Lightweight – Beginner
Marc Owen - 15 - Heritage KB, Union City, CA
Trevor Mason - 15 - Guila's KB, Antioch, CA
Rudy Rosales - 15 - NorCal Fight, Sacramento, CA

PIR Men Middleweight – Beginner
Will McDonald - 15 - Rey's Wing Chung, San Jose, CA

PIR Men Middleweight – Intermediate
John Duenas - 15 - Guila's KB, Antioch, CA

PIR Men Middleweight – Advanced
Andrew Morello - 15 - Team Morello's –Santa Barbara, CA

PIR Men Heavyweight
Chris DaCosta - 15 - Guila Kickboxing, Antioch, CA

PIR Men Super Heavyweight – Beginner
Robert Vazquez - 15 - Team Endurance, Modesto, CA

PIR Men Super Heavyweight – Intermediate
Lenny Fonua - 30 - Guila's KB, Antioch, CA

PIR Men – Over 40
Tom Shively - 15 - Forresthill, CA


PMT Girls 8-10
Nina Keomanavong - 15 - MT Thai Boxing, Sacramento, CA

PMT Boys 10-12 Beginner
Willye Ortiz - 15 - Navarro's MT Acad, San Francisco, CA

PMT Girls 10-12 Beginner
Sabrina Yerena - 12 - Navarro's MT Acad, San Francisco, CA

PMT Boys 11-13
Justin Ford - 15 - Next Generation, Sacramento, CA

PMT Boys 13-14 Intermediate
Ricky Saiyarath - 42 - MT Thai Boxing, Sacramento, CA

PMT Boys 13-14 Advanced
Nick Chinchilla - 12 - Guila's KB, Antioch, CA

PMT 15-17 Girls
Jessica Viera - 15 - Gracie, Oakley, CA

PMT Boys 15-17
Luis Galvez - 25 - Warrior MMA, Sacramento, CA
Aaron Luellen - 25 - Warrior MMA, Sacramento, CA

PMT Women – Beginner
Lucibel Nunez - 15 - NorCal Ft. Alliance, Santa Rosa, CA
Cam Le - 15 - MT Thai Boxing, Sacramento, CA
Brandy Woody - 15 - Antelope, CA

PMT Senior Women Champion
Zina Docto - 15 - Thailand

PMT Men Lightweight – Beginner
Andres Herrera - 27 - Navarro's MT Acadamy, San Francisco, CA

PMT Men Light Middleweight – Beginner
Jessie (Jason) Barbosa - 27 - MT Thai Boxing, Sacramento, CA

PMT Men Light Heavyweight – Beginner/Intermediate
Kevin Meyer - 30 - NorCalFtAlliance, Santa Rosa, CA

PMT Men Middleweight – Beginner
Derrick McCully - 35 (Includes Grand Champion Points) - Navarro's MT Acadamy, San Francisco, CA

PMT Men Middleweight – Advanced
Jessie Agricula - 30 - North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA

PMT Men Heavyweight – Beg/Int.
Adonay Cordova - 20 (Includes Grand Champion Points) - Navarro's MT Acadamy, San Francisco, CA

PMT Men Super Heavyweight – Beginner/Int.
Siaosi (Sinoji) Hoiliem - 42 - Billy Olsen, Santa Rosa, CA

PMT Men Super Heavyweight – Advanced
Daniel Docto Jr. - 39 - Diablo Cross Fit, Pleasanton, CA

More information on the Awards Banquet For January 30th, 2010, Contact Johnny Davis at or call (916) 205-4762.

TUESDAY, December 8h, 2009, AT 5:00 PM/ PST

Results From Sean Griffin's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
November 14th, 2009 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

THURSDAY, December 3rd, 2009, AT 2:25 PM/ PST

Results From AK Promotions'
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
November 7th, 2009 - Rocklin, California, USA

For more information on this event contact Johnny Davis at

A Special thanks to all the officials who assisted with the judging and the fans who came to see a great day of semi contact action.

See you all at the 2009 IKF/PKB Championship Awards Banquet, Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at Tommy T's Comedy and Dinner Theatre in Rancho Cordova, California, USA. (Must RSVP to attend - To Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at Or Go To

2010 IKF PKB Calendar to be posted soon

THURSDAY, October 29th, 2009, AT 1:55 PM/ PST

Results From Acom Sports'
"IKF/PKB Semi-Contact Kickboxing"
October 24th, 2009 - Hollywood, Florida, USA

ACOM Sports Lands High on First
IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament
In Hollywood, Florida, USA

Jerry Mendez (R) and Dan Paneda (L) were appointed New Florida IKF Point Kickboxing Representatives
by IKF / PKB President (C) Johnny Davis.

There is a big difference between talking and doing. It's clear that Jerry Mendez and Dan Paneda of Hollywood Florida are representatives of the later of this statement. From the first time they met IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis, it was all about what their plans were and how much they loved the concept of IKF Point Kickboxing.

They thought the semi contact version of kickboxing would go over well in their area. They thought that they could entice many of the gyms to come to their event and they thought that fighters in the area would really get into the action! They were 100% correct and in fact, their first promotion brought out impressive numbers of Point Kickboxers and many grapplers to boot... making this event a true success!

Mendez and Paneda have a great team and share a mutual respect between each other that shows the signs of a potential success story. To put it simply, these two gentlemen are passionate and serious about growing the IKF / PKB and the new PKB Grappling division in the State of Florida and by all accounts of the event this past weekend, Florida will become a hot bed for IKF Point Kickboxing!

Not to mention that the IKF World Classic is held annually in Orlando, Florida and has over 250 fighters from around the world that come for full contact and semi contact action. Now, both divisions should only grow as a result of more IKF Point Kickboxing events in the region and these events and others will serve as an incubator for the IKF World Classic and other such events. Mendez and Paneda are already planning their next show for December 12th, of this year and going on the requests for more events from so many this past weekend, they will have an even bigger tournament.

Mendez and Paneda will also be reaching out to others who wish to promote IKF Point Kickboxing in the State and will work with them to make their events successful as well. They have plans to create a Florida Circuit that will keep a tally of all the action and end the year with a huge banquet celebration as does the IKF / PKB currently does for the West Coast. Here's to bigger and better things to come for this dynamic duo! Forward March!

RESULTS FROM ACOM Sports IKF PKB Tourney In Hollywood, Florida, USA

For More information on upcoming IKF / PKB Events in Florida, contact Mr. Dan Paneda at (954) 309-4024 or Mr. Jerry Mendez at (718) 600 7069 or go to or



From IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis

Dear IKF / PKB Promoters and Potential Promoters.
We have had an exciting year of IKF Point Kickboxing! With over 20 events by the year end of 2009, I'm proud to say that the IKF / PKB seems to have caught on and will only continue to grow! So many fighters have gotten their start in the IKF / PKB in its eight years in existence and the results of it being the incubator for the sport is becoming more obvious each year. I could give so many examples of those that grew up on the IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit that are today IKF World Classic Champions and Professional fighters. Therefore, I hope that you will take the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing circuits in the martial arts for 2010...IKF Point Kickboxing©!

The IKF / PKB is about safety for the fighters where knockouts are not allowed and matches are all semi- contact. Men, Women and Children compete in styles of Muay Thai, International and American High Kick Rule Styles weekly and our safety record speaks for its self. The IKF / PKB is mostly profitable for our promoters as we try and keep our sanctioning cost down so that promoters and their clubs benefit. We also have a working relationship and understanding with most commissions as we stick to our semi contact rules and they allow our circuit to exist. As many of you know, these events are sanctioned by the largest kickboxing organization in the world...the IKF. See more at

Additionally, we work with you from start to finish to see that your event is successful. So, no matter what part of the country or the world you live in, if you are interested in becoming a promoter for this exciting semi contact sport and create a circuit in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. Note: There are some blackout days, so we will let you know if your date is approved as we try and keep dates and events as separated as possible. Please see the following links for more information and the Circuit. Go to www.IKF / - More info. Contact or call (916) 205-4762 - (916) 630-9254.

2009 IKF / PKB Award Banquet Announced
We have confirmed our date for the 2009 IKF / PKB Award Banquet for our champions. It will be held at Tommy T's Dinner and Comedy Theatre in Rancho Cordova, CA on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at 12:Noon.

We will not have an IKF / PKB tournament that day as we did last year. That day will be reserved to give our IKF / PKB Champions their praise for their hardwork and support in front of their family and friends. The dinner and awards banquet and entertainment will cost $35. If you have particapated in IKF / PKB events this past may be a winner.

We will give an idea who the winners are in the months to come. However, you will need to RSVP if you will be attending and you must be present to receive your award. Deadline for RSVP is Saturday, January 9th, 2010 but don't delay. Contact IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis at or call (916) 205-4762 - (916) 630-9254.


Results From Mr. Dennis Guila's
"Guila Paradise Cup VI"
September 26th, 2009 - Antioch, California, USA


NO Grand Champions were awarded at this event.
Report Submitted By Rubie Navarro

TUESDAY, September 15th, 2009, AT 11:25 AM/ PST

Results From GM Emil Bautista and the NCHQKSDI Affiliates'
"Battle For The Gold"
September 12th, 2009 - Albany, California, USA


THURSDAY, September 10th, 2009, AT 9:00 AM/ PST

Results From Navarro's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
August 8th, 2009 - San Francisco, California, USA

FRIDAY, July 31st, 2009, AT 11:40 PM/ PST

IKF World Classic
IKF Point Kickboxing Results

Orlando, Florida, USA

With the completion of another exciting and successful IKF World Classic Tournament, IKF Point Kickboxingcontinues to enlighten as well as give opportunity to compete in an exciting event such as the semi contact IKF Point Kickboxing© divisions designed for men, women and children 5 years and up.

Once again... this year, the person to beat in the men's division was the flasher and talented senior fighter Enrique Franceschi. Franceschi is gifted with great flexibility, high and fast kicks that his opponents just can't seem to get out of the way of. He mixes his kicks and punches with such fluidity that opponents do not know where the tech. is coming from and in no time flat...bang...he got you yet again with his trademark jump spinning back kick! Its know doubt the man to beat in the IKF World Classic is Enrique as it seems that each year he is getting better and better and more prepared for stiffer competition as the IKF/PKB grows in the World Classic.

Here is a name to remember, Raphael Marascio of Helmets New Jersey - this kid does it all- Grappling, Kickboxing and name it, he does it but the real art here is that he is only 7 years old...that's right 7! ( this is not a typo). It's clear to anyone who witnessed this kid competing that he is being groomed for the big leagues and the fight world should be served notice that he is coming and coming to get the recognition he will deserve as one of the best! On this day, he would take on one of the toughest young 7 year old girls I think I have ever seen, Lanna Peoples of Little Rock, Arkansas. She gave Raphael all he could handle on this day. It was obvious that he had to dig for this win. This bout had people screaming to the top of their voices and on their feet! It was indeed one of the most exciting bouts perhaps of the entire event...I know...its semi contact but to see these two so intensed and aggressive was very, very entertaining and was certainly a major highlight of the event as people talked about it all weekend.

Although we had a diverse mix of competitors this year that called for some creative divisions, we hope, that as more people learn of IKF Point Kickboxing that they will register early so that others can see that they will have competition. Also, we are attempting to try and find the right time to host this event at the World Classic. We were informed that we lost about 15 competitors due to changing the competition to the evening as opposed to the morning as it was last year. Some liked it and some had issues with it. Those that we lost would have been fine either way, but just need more time to adjust their personal schedules. We will hopefully come to a conclusion on the best time to have the tournament or whether to have it at all at the IKF World Classic by the end of this year so that everyone can be prepared. Feel free to send your thoughts and comments to

See the results from the rest of IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament below and see all of the Results by clicking HERE.

Men's Grand Champion
*Enrique Franceschi*

Orlando, Florida, USA
-Won a pair of Ringstar Shoes valued at $80-

For more information on IKF Point Kickboxing go to - Continue to review our calendar and hope to see you at the next event!

SUNDAY, July 12th, 2009, AT 9:45 PM/ PST

Results From Muay Thai Thaiboxing of Sacramento's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
July 11th, 2009 - Sacramento, California, USA


FRIDAY, June 12th, 2009, AT 12:20 PM/ PST

IKF Point Kickboxing…
Ready For The World Classic '09!

Orlando, Florida, USA

Summer has arrived and so has the time to get registered for the 11th IKF World Kickboxing Classic ( July 24th, 25th and 26th). This event is one of the most prestigious events for amateur kickboxing in the world! Those who are in the know- know that this event is one that should not be missed, especially by those serious about their future as well as adding the words of IKF World Classic Champion to their resume.

The ever-growing IKF Point Kickboxing Division has been growing in leaps and bounds in the past two years at the IKF World Classic. This year, several gyms are promising to bring out as many fighters as possible that will only make the tournament even better! Men, Women and Children as young as 5 years and even those maybe too old for the full contact side can compete, as long as there is someone in their division to fight. The action will be hot but of course as always, the semi contact rule is in full affect as there are NO KNOCKOUTS ALLOWED. There will be divisions in IKF/Point Muay Thai, International Hi Kick and International Low Kick styles.

Everyone planning to bring their fighters really need to know the difference in this competition and what will be going on in the main arena. The semi contact rules must be paramount. However, in saying this, we encourage you to use your speed instead of power and focus on the points and you will have a great time at this event! Moreover, BE IN SHAPE! The 2 - 2 minute rounds with 1 round of OT (If needed) is in affect for this event. We will modify it for the little guys, but be in shape and ready to rock as these rounds seem a lot longer than it sounds on paper! Also, be sure to REGISTER EARLY and save some money $$! You will be able to register up until July 24th at 5:PM but if you wait that long, you will pay upwards of $90.00…do it by July 8th and only pay $50…a lot of reason to get signed up early!


Just as last year's event, the IKF World Classic will be held at the largest Marriott in the World in Orlando, Florida. This beautiful location is one that stands out with luxury rooms, "Several" tropical pools and of course, Disney World just a stone throw away, makes it's a great location for such an event. Heck, planning your family's vacation around the tourney at this wonderful location is not a bad idea as many already have, including most of the IKF Tournament staff.

In addition to semi contact, The IKF World Classic will again have the best divisions of Full contact bouts with divisions in Muay Thai, International Hi Kick (full Contact) and International Low Kick styles. Over 200 fighters will travel afar to prove one thing…they are the Best! Some will come with an illusion of greatness and others will come with a vision for victory but either way, their destiny will need to be decided in the ring! When you get a ton of fighters, trainers and pumped up fans in one room hungry for a fight and hungry for a win…its going to be a lot of fireworks going off even if the 4th of July has past!

We look forward to seeing your there! Remember, Register Early and Save! Forward March!

For more information on IKF Point Kickboxing Contact Johnny Davis at or by phone at (916) 205-4762 or (916) 630-9254.

Thanks in advance too for those that would like to volunteer some time to assist with judging some matches for the IKF/PKB. To do so you must be a practicing Kickboxer with at least 4 years experience or a Black Belt Martial Artist. You would also have to attend the rules meeting on Friday, July 24th after the 5:PM registration deadline.

Schedule some extra time for a dip in the Tropical Pools at the Marriott World Center!
Four heated indoor pools and outdoor pools, Two kids pools and Six inviting whirlpools. If there's a more dramatic, inviting place to cool off than the spectacular main pool, we've yet to see it. Of course, you may prefer the Marriott World Center Orlando waterfall pool, too. Soothing waterfalls, a fast and fun 106-foot waterslide and beautiful landscaping are just the beginning of a perfect day at the Marriott World Center Orlando waterslide resort.


Results From Mr. Ray Delgado's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
May 30th, 2009 - Santa Clara, California, USA

Delgado's IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament...

Mr. Ray Delgado's IKF Point Kickboxing. Tournament this past weekend in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Convention Center was indeed the Ultimate as approximately 50 fighters showed up to test their skills in IKF Point Kickboxing. It is clear that this semi contact form of kickboxing is getting stronger. Fans packed around the matted floor ring as friends, mother, fathers etc. screamed to the top of their voices for their fighter! It was no doubt big fun for most. With this many fighters, there were still no knockouts as IKF officials made it clear that rules must be adhered to but more importantly the NO KNOCKOUT RULE / Semi Contact is always in full force as one competitor was disqualified for too much contact.

The IKF wants to make it clear to everyone who comes to these events that they are semi contact and if you have another agenda and, or looking for a full contact fight, this this event is not for your. On the other hand, for those looking for some good sparring and diverse competitions while winning some nice awards...this event is your's to enjoy and take your skills to the next level! Forward March!

Mr. Ray Delgado and his wonderful staff did an outstanding job in making everyone feel welcomed! This was no doubt one of the best events this year with 30% growth from last year's event which was the first time he presented it. More on the Ultimate Nationals at - Hope to see you there next year!

Also read a review of Delgado's event by owner of KO Reviews, Mr. Jason Panick...CLICK HERE.

Here are the Tournament Results...

TUESDAY, May 26th, 2009, AT 7:10 PM/ PST

IKF World Classic Is Ready!
IKF Point Kickboxing Promises To Be Smoking!
Register Early, Get Airline Tickets and Hotel Rooms Early and SAVE $$$

July 24th, 25th and 26th will be here before you know it! If you don't know what these dates represent, then we must go out on a limb to let you know that there only the dates for the Premier Kickboxing Tournament in the United States! That's right, we are talking about the Eleventh Annual IKF World Classic that will be held on the aforementioned dates at the prestigious Marriott Hotel in Orlando Florida.

Last year over 200 fighters traveled literally from around the world to win the brass and prove that they were indeed the very best! This year, the action and level of competition will be no different! Fighters and camps from around the world are already requesting invitations daily and preparing to attend this truly golden glove's of kickboxing event. Plans are to make it yet another grand celebration of fisticuffs for the full contact fighters who will compete in three rule styles...Muay Thai, International Low Kick and Full Contact - High Kick Styles. Anyone who has ever attended this event knows that it is a first class event. It is perfect? No...but it is certainly an event worth traveling around the world, we hope to see you and your camps there!

IKF Point Kickboxing...Wants You at the IKF World Classic!
Strike it likes its Hot! Needless to say to anyone who frequents the pages of the IKF know how hot IKF Point Kickboxing is right now and how much it is growing. Trust us when we say, we are expecting our largest group ever in the third year of this semi contact portion of the IKF World Classic.

The first year was its inaugural and we still had fighters from as far as India and Canada although not a big event. Last year the PKB as it is called, was a major attraction for all of the fighters as camps crammed into the small make-shift arena to witness the action! Although the PKB is as always, semi contact and no knockouts, we had more advanced fighters than before and the jump kicks and impressive boxing combinations had onlookers in stitches and screaming to the top of their voices! Its was hot...but it will be hotter this year!

So, don't hesitate to sign up...deadlines for the full contact registration end early but the deadline for the IKF Point Kickboxing division will end at 5:PM on the 24th of July, which is Registration day of the Tournament. However, we would like to encourage you to register early. We have several commitments of camps bringing as many as 10 and 20 competitors and if this holds true, it will by far be our finest IKF PKB at the World Classic. Furthermore, your earlier registration will also assist us in buying an adequate amount of awards.

Get Ready Folks... We know there is a recession. However, keep in mind, the IKF has not raised the registration fee ($55.00) for the World Classic for the last "SEVEN" years! The best antidote for a little stress is a lot of fun and relaxation! Therefore, book those rooms and airline tickets now and save money to one of the world's hottest destinations...Orlando, Florida...Disney World! We look forward to seeing all you there! Forward March!

To register for either Muay Thai, International Low Kick or Full Contact - High Kick, Click HERE.
To register for the IKF Point Kickboxing - Semi-Contact, Click HERE.

For all registration Deadlines Click HERE.

For more information on the IKF World Classic and IKF Point Kickboxing portion of the World Classic Click Here!
Or for the PKB you can also e- mail Mr. Johnny Davis at

WEDNESDAY, May 13th, 2009, AT 11:45 PM/PST

Results From AK Promotions'
IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament
May 2nd, 2009 - Rocklin, California, USA


TUESDAY, May 12th, 2009, AT 11:40 PM/ PST

Results From Dave Marinoble's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Saturday, April 4th, 2009 - Roseville, California, USA

TUESDAY, April 28th, 2009, AT 9:30 PM/ PST

Hope To See You Here!
IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament
Rocklin, California, May 2, 2009

FRIDAY, April 3rd, 2009, AT 1:10 PM/ PST

Mr. Dave Marinoble Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Roseville, California, USA

TUESDAY, March 17th, 2009, AT 9:30 PM/ PST

IKF Point Kickboxing©

It should come as no surprise to many of you who frequent these and the IKF pages that IKF Point Kickboxing is taking off as many from around the world are getting excited about this competition. IKF Point Kickboxing is hot and finding many new fans!

Most recently Iran has caught the bug and they are extremely excited about participating in these semi contact events "In fact, I think that many of the competitors here will really enjoy it as they prefer not to get broken up as many in the full contact arena do" says newly appointed IKF Kickboxing and Point Kickboxing Representative Amir Mosadegh of Iran. (Right) He continued "I feel that we can really make IKF Point Kickboxing huge here and throughout other Asian countries and I'm excited about the opportunity to do just that!"

The Iranian IKF Point Kickboxing Division will be making necessary changes to what they have been doing to accommodate the IKF/PKB version. For example all PKB events will take place on a matted floor as oppose to a boxing ring and the definite NO KNOCKOUT rule will be strongly enforced as well. Mr. Mosadegh had been studying the rules associated with the IKF/PKB and plans to follow them. In their most recent event, they had over 400 competitors in a similar semi contact event which will now be call IKF Point Kickboxing. You can see more on the most recent event and Mr. Mosadegh by clicking on the link here, IKF Point Kickboxing Iran


Results From Mr. Sean Griffin's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
February 28, 2009 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

On February 28, 2009, the Martial Arts Gym and IKF /PKB Promoter and West Coast Representative Mr. Sean Griffin held the 2009 Martial Arts Gym Winter Tournament at Black Belt, USA, which was a huge success. Adult student from all ages competed (including a 51 year old woman who won) in IKF-Point Kickboxing (PKB).

In addition, the following people received a plaque at the beginning of the tournament for being the 2008 IKF-PKB North Carolina Points Circuit Champions:

Here are the results of the tournament:

Grand Champion: Seth Edwards

For More information contact Mr. Sean Griffin (704) 488-3908 or go to

MONDAY, March 9th, 2009, AT 10:30 PM/ PST

Mr. Billy Olsen's
"IKF Point Kickboxing & Grappling Tournament"
March 14th, 2009 - Santa Rosa, California, USA


We are sorry to inform you that first time IKF/PKB Promoter Mr. Billy Olsen has cancelled his IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling event for Saturday March. 14th, 2009. The event was planned in the City of Santa Rosa, California. Olsen states that his "new facility would not be ready in time as planned a few months back." Olsen is moving from a 1000 square foot gym to one 4100 square feet. The event may be rescheduled in the near future.

The IKF/PKB will need to carefully review all events and assure their readiness to keep the integrity of the circuit in tact. We hope to see you at the next scheduled event which as of today will be April 4th, 2009 at Marinobles Kickboxing in Roseville, California, (916) 786-0333. See the IKF/PKB Calendar for updated events.

Please note as of today as well, we added another IKF/PKB event in Sacramento, CA for July 11th, 2009. We will be introducing the new promoter soon along with additional information as available.

MONDAY, March 2nd, 2009, AT 10:00 PM, PT

Guila Has Large PKB Tourney!
Some Kinks This Time...But Successful!
Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Antioch, California, USA

February 21st, 2009 must have been a full moon based on the turnout of this past weekends IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament in Antioch, California. Either way, one thing was for sure, there are a lot of kickboxing enthusiast out there who are still venturing in to discover IKF Point Kickboxing and we welcome them with open arms. Many of them are just now getting their first taste of IKF / PKB but to be honest some of them find there are adjustments that will need to be made in the gym before entering the event. Although there were some kinks in this event, different from others stellar events put on by the Guila Clan, it was a lot of fun!

Over all, most there enjoyed the usual action packed bouts and their were no serious injuries and, or knockouts as they are not allowed! Moreover, we would like to make clear that we also have no rules against fighters from the same club fighting each other. Since the event is an open tournament, we are never sure who will show up. Therefore, matching takes place the morning of the event. Moreover, since the eventt is one of semi contact, we encourage those who attend to be prepared to fight whom ever in their division....even if from the same club. However, with that being said, the IKF / PKB officials will do everything in their ability to keep fighters from the same club from fighting each other in the elimination round (s). However, for the sake of good competition for the fans that attend these events, we would like to encourage full participation even if some club members end up competing against each other for the sport or just bragging rights. :)

Yes, those associated with IKF / PKB experienced some growing pains this past weekend and for this event the credits must go to the efforts of Mr. Guila who actively invites other gyms to give the IKF / PKB a try and they oblige him.

Furthermore, we at IKF / PKB will monitor the cutoff for registration closer so that we can start the event as advertised to allow participants to better schedule their personal lives and, eating schedules etc.

We hope those who witnessed the difference and areas of improvements needed to continue to move us forward in the PKB also see the good in this type of semi contact competition and returned with a renewed spirit to participate. We at IKF certainly want all clubs and fans to know that they are appreciated but we must follow the rules especially those pertaining to contact. We will also stick with the semi contact and NO KNOCKOUT rules as this is the core for what this event is all about. It is the goal of IKF / PKB to continue to be an incubator for the sport of kickboxing. In saying that too, we at IKF / PKB will firmly evaluate all areas of concern for those that express them so that we can come up with solutions that are fair to all. In fact, we are clarifying the ruling below to make clearer for all in regards to the importance of divisions and matches being more fair. Forward March!

Special thanks to all of the officials and those who came up and told us how much they enjoyed the event and can't wait until the next one which is March 14th, 2009 in Santa Rosa, CA...more at FULL Results Coming Soon


IKF Point Kickboxing
Tournament and Grappling

March 14th, 2009 - Santa Rosa, California, USA



Awards Banquet, Rocklin, California, USA

Join the IKF/PKB Circuit for 2009 and Next year you could be listed here too as a New Champion!

MONDAY, February 2nd, 2009, AT 1:30 PM, PT

IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament & Banquet...
Claims Big Success!

Guila: Receives Promoter of the Year- Nahee- Fighter of the Year

1/31/09: Fighters from across the state showed up this past weekend in Rocklin, California to kickoff a big year for IKF Point Kickboxing and the Newly formed ISCF West Coast Grappling Circuit! The action was intense, fans screamed as hands were raised in victory!

Men, Women and Children competed in assorted styles of Kickboxing including High Kick, Low Kick and Muay Thai Semi Contact Divisions. Chief Referee Dan Stell kept all the action under control and showed excellence as he allowed fighters to feel the intensity of a real match although the 16 oz for adults and 12 junior boxing gloves kept all the fighters safe!

The Grappling divisions really heated up for the first event of the year. Chief Official Mr. DeAlba was near perfect in his task and allowed fighters to do their thing! Before the Grappling division started a special moment of silence was given to the late great Helio Gracie... (Mr. Gracie was the head of the Gracie JuJitsu dynasty) it was very sobering moment for everyone in the club..

Additionally, the IKF/PKB Awards Banquet went off without a hitch. Over 80 fighters, trainers and fans stayed around to enjoy the fun and great food at Venita Rheas Restaurant...a restaurant I'm sure many in attendance will be talking about for a while! Simply put...the food was delicious and the portions off the chain!

Most people in attendance were last year's divisional champions and received their awards. Along with that, some other special awards were giving. Mr. Dennis Guila, (Left) a promoter who always promotes very good events, supports other events and gives a lot to see that fights are fair and fun. He received the well deserved honor of Promoter of the Year for the IKF/PKB 2008. IKF West Coast Representative Rubie Navarro was also recognized for a very good year in keeping a tally of circuit points as well as working at events in many capacities. Her Father, Mr. Carlos Navarro was also recognized as a supporter of the IKF/PKB. Moreover, IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis gave credit to Mr. Navarro as the one who gave him the idea about how Semi Contact Kickboxing could be apart of the huge martial arts tournament circuit.

Twelve year old Dynamo Katrina Nahee (Right) of Antioch, California received the well earned Fighter of the Year Award! Katrina always comes to fight...too often though, there is no one in her division to fight. Therefore, she often fights boys and still comes out a winner. She quiet, tough and soft spoken but gear her up and she transforms into a fighter that's confident and almost brilliant in her delivery of techniques. All in attendance came to their feet as Katrina was given her special Trophy Belt award!

Little Caleb Depello (Left) of Sacramento, California will fight you in any division you want! He's a tiger! Muay Thai, International, American High Kick, name it...he does it and does it well! Caleb received the Most Diverse Fighter for 2008.

The year of 2009 looks bright for the IKF/PKB! More and more competitors are coming out! More and more trainers are starting to see the benefits to their fighters and their clubs. The IKF/PKB is the fastest growing sport on the martial arts circuit and this year...its going to yet another level with the continued help of passionate clubs, fighters and fans! Forward March!

For more information on IKF Point Kickboxing events go to - Pictures and Results coming soon!

Note: Big Scott Manis of Santa Rosa received the Most Improved Fighter for 2008 but was not in attendance. Pictures and more coming soon.

FRIDAY, January 30th, 2009, AT 7:45 PM, PT


AK Promotions Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Rocklin, California, USA

2008 IKF/PKB
Award Banquet

Divisional & Overall Annual Winners

FRIDAY, January 2nd, 2009, AT 2:10 PM, PT

Griffin's Martial Arts Gym's Ready For
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
February 28th, 2009 At Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

This coming February, IKF/PKB Promoter Sean Griffin (Right) of Griffin Martial Arts Gym will host another IKF Point kickboxing event at their Martial Arts Gym in Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA. Students will be able to compete in one event at the tournament, IKF Point Kickboxing (continuous sparring).

Students will be placed into divisions based on weight, except for the senior (40 and over) division, which is based on age first, then weight. Everyone is a winner at the tournament, as Olympic Style Medals will be awarded to all competitors. The tournament will begin at 3:PM. Fighter weigh-ins are at 2:45 PM with the mandatory IKF Point Kickboxing (PKB) division rules meeting to follow. Fights begin at 3:PM.

More weight divisions may be added depending on competitor turnout. The Senior Division is for ages 40 and up, if the division is specifically designated on the resignation form. The tournament will cost only $55 for the IKF/PKB division. If your registration is postmarked by February 12th, or if you drop off your registration form and payment by February 12th, you will receive $15 OFF your registration. Adults only at this tournament, children & teens can compete in the May event. If a school brings a minimum of 5 competitors the school will receive $100 in cash at the tournament.

Continuous Sparring: The International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) Point Kickboxing (PKB) rules will apply. Go to the IKF/PKB rules page at in order to get the rules. Two, two minute round rounds, with a one minute break in between rounds, will be used for continuous sparring. All competitors will use 16oz. gloves, if the competitor does not have a pair, one will be provided at the ring. The competitor's results will be listed on the website and the competitor will be ranked in the www.IKF/ Circuit.

Grand Championship winners will receive a large trophy. Grand Champions will be decided by the individual champions entering a 6 man tournament, using one round per fight, with the top two receiving the title of Tournament Grand Champion. Spectators are $10 each for the tournament. Cash ONLY after 2/12 and at the day of the event. Please do not mail any registrations after 2/19. See your instructor for tournament sign-up forms. Go to for more tournament info.

In addition, the following people will receive an award at the beginning of the tournament for being the 2008 IKF-PKB Points Circuit Champions:
Anthony DeMasi, Lightweight
Nathan Thomas, Middleweight
Michael Alford, Light Heavyweight
Strayhorn Telly, Heavyweight
Cody Porter, Over 40 years old.

For more info please contact Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or by e-mail at or go to

THURSDAY, January 1st, 2009, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Davis Fulfills His Dream...

The dream of most every martial artist is to first achieve black belt. This may be followed by owning their own school so that they can have an opportunity to make a career out of sharing the knowledge that has been handed down to them by others through the years. For some, those dreams go even further, as they did with 2 time Professional Kickboxing World Champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis. Between 1980 and 1985 he won the North Carolina Light Middleweight title, East Coast Welterweight title and the North Carolina Welterweight title.

In 1984 he won the Grand Champion Title at the famous, Battle of Atlanta which at the time was the Largest Karate Tournament on the East Coast. He reached the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt as he went on to win over 250 medals, trophies and awards in competition. During this time he also opened "Superfoot" Davis School of Karate back on the east coast.

However, through it all, Davis' biggest dream was to one day become a World Champion Kckboxer. In 1985 Davis fulfilled that first World Title dream with a decision victory over Alvin Prowder in Denver Colorado when he won the PKA World Welterweight Title. In 1987 he followed up in winning the FFKA World title and in 1987 he won the ISKA US title.

As time past, Davis ended up handing the school over to someone else when he moved out to the west coast. His west coast move didn't keep him out of the fight game though. He continued to teach through seminars, write an instructional manual that was followed up by a video/DVD series and the creation of several kickboxing and fitness programs kept him busy. In addition, he became a loyal representative of the largest kickboxing organization in the world, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation. Davis sanctioned all of his west coast kickboxing promotions with the IKF and hosted many IKF title bouts. Still, Davis wanted more... Which brings us to the action of this weekend.

This Saturday, Davis will come back to one of his first dreams of once again owning his own school. As time passes we all hope to become more experienced and more wiser and these are the golden tools of an instructor with some history behind him such as Davis. He is excited about the even greater opportunity to pass on his knowledge as well as use the school to fulfill even more dreams such as producing his own Kickboxing and Boxing Champions.

Yes, Davis' school will also be a gym for fighters. Johnny and his wife Helen would like to invite you all to the Grand Opening of the their new facility, the Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club, (RKBC) this Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 from 10:AM to 4:PM. There will be Food and Music at Noon! RKBC is located at 4415 Granite Drive, Suite 600, Rocklin, CA, 95677.

The RKBC is 3600 hundred square feet in size with carpeted floors and mirrors all around. The Club is divided into two sections separated by a wall and 8' iron antique doors. The ceiling in the front part of the gym as you enter the facility has been sculptured the tone of a beautiful blue sky accented with clouds throughout. The lobby area has beautiful painted concrete floors and a pro shop with kickboxing and boxing goods along with plenty of IKF Merchandise for sale. Track lighting and solar lights line the ceiling and gives the club a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Quotes such as the club's motto landscapes the walls... "If I believe it, I can achieve it but I will never give up"

These quotes are constant reminders to all attendees to give their very best all the time. In the rear gym room there is a 4 corner bag stand loaded with various heavy bags for workouts and of course, more mirrors. The club is located in an astute area of Rocklin, CA with neighbors such as the popular restaurant Venita Rheas, UPS Headquarters, Auto Dealerships like Land Rover, Mercedes, Harley Davidson as well as Family Fitness, The Pottery Barn and Direct Buy to name a few.

Adding to all the other classes Davis has also confirmed he will have Certified Personal and Fitness Trainer Mike Evans leading up the clubs Ultimate Conditioning Classes. With Evan's classes you can get stronger, faster and in the best shape of your life! The conditioning class schedule is Monday - Fridays at 9:AM - 10:AM , 10:30 AM - 12:Noon, Saturday at 8:AM & 10:30 AM

For more information on Evans go to

For more info on Davis' Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club call (916) 630-9254 or 799-7428 or go to